‘indifferent to’ là gì?. Nghĩa của từ ‘indifferent to’

‘indifferent to’ là gì?. Nghĩa của từ ‘indifferent to’

Nghĩa của từ indifferent to bằng Tiếng Anh

Đặt câu với từ “indifferent to”

1. I am indifferent to their arguments.

2. Was Jehovah indifferent to their plight?

3. He appeared indifferent to her suffering.

4. He was coldly indifferent to other people.

5. Feeling indifferent to Gerald made Marge cold.

6. They seem indifferent to the Bolshevik invasion.

7. I pretended to be indifferent to it.

8. He is certainly not indifferent to our suffering.

9. It was indifferent to her who he was.

10. Those politicians are indifferent to the interests of people.

11. People have become indifferent to the suffering of others.

12. The world can not remain indifferent to his brutality.

13. The government cannot afford to be indifferent to public opinion.

14. They were indifferent to his warnings. —Matthew 24:37-39.

15. Mr. Hall was naturally an abstemious man indifferent to luxury.

16. The steel workers were relatively indifferent to the issue of nationalization.

17. How can you be indifferent to the sufferings of starving people?

18. It is quite indifferent to me whether you go or stay.

19. The rural scene was so peaceful and indifferent to my predicament.

20. Now the unchanging God feels a bit cold and indifferent to me.

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21. In doing so they are indifferent to the macroeconomic effects of their decision.

22. “Nonreligious” includes: “Persons professing no religion, nonbelievers, agnostics, freethinkers, dereligionized secularists indifferent to all religion.”

23. Water condition: Very indifferent to water hardness, but prefers a slightly acid to neutral condition.

24. 14 Or consider the phlegmatic, a person who is indifferent to interactions with the child.

25. For a long time now, he has appeared indifferent to the ravages of his problem.

26. Water condition: Very indifferent to conditions, but medium hard water with slight acidity is preferred.

27. Grandfather was deeply indifferent to the future and disdainful of the successes of his forgotten sons.

28. Cultivation: Very indifferent to conditions, though it will relish a planting medium consisting of nutritious detritus.

29. You may be indifferent to your own pain, but perhaps not to that of your friend.

30. His opponents have tried to characterize him as indifferent to the concerns of the working class.

31. Hoover was certainly, Summers shows, spectacularly indifferent to those straight arrow standards he set for his agents.

32. Clearly, some citizens of Philippi were not merely indifferent to the Kingdom message —they were bitterly opposed.

33. A cruel person is one who enjoys seeing others suffer or who is indifferent to their distress.

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34. It is easy to construct an indifference curve such that the person is indifferent to both schemes.

35. Marx was contemptuous of the faith of his ancestors, and indifferent to the Lutheranism his father had adopted.

36. Buy goluptious ? the boss begins to guide him, he was indifferent to the ground to nod one below.

37. “Ireland turns a blind eye when women travel abroad for abortions, and is indifferent to the suffering involved.

38. Cultivation: This plant is very indifferent to the tank bottom and will grow well even on bare gravel.

39. Hoover was certainly, Summers shows,(Sentencedict.com ) spectacularly indifferent to those straight arrow standards he set for his agents.

40. She emanated worldliness and the self-confidence of one who is indifferent to everything but her own needs and caprices.

41. It was in a constant state of reoccupation, favoured only by marginal or twilight enterprises indifferent to a fundamentally inhuman environment.

42. They withstand artificial illumination well not only from above but also from the sides and are indifferent to moderately hard water.

43. It is tough to reform something that is shapeless and indifferent to improvement, like Jell-O in the hands of a carpenter.

44. Most trade unionists had been indifferent to any political theory beyond an instinctive syndicalism which was itself largely confined to industrial disputes.

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45. (1 Peter 2:22; Isaiah 53:9) Clearly, Jehovah is neither oblivious of nor indifferent to the plight of those who suffer injustice.

46. 3 Most trade unionists had been indifferent to any political theory beyond an instinctive syndicalism which was itself largely confined to industrial disputes.

47. 28) There are all these new books out there portraying Asian mothers as scheming, callous, overdriven people indifferent to their kids’ true interests.

48. When the market is good before, data is a bit more muddleheaded be indifferent to, but we need now more hold these data well and truly.

49. In normal times other countries are often content to accept a small rise in the value of their own currency or at worst be indifferent to it.

50. The thing about science — natural science — is that we can spin fantastic theories about the cosmos, and have complete confidence that the cosmos is completely indifferent to our theories.

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