23 How To Name A Country Tutorial

23 How To Name A Country Tutorial

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How Countries Got Their Names [1]

Taiwan, Canada, Germany – where did these names come from? It seems strange that once upon a time, nowhere had a name. How did these names come to exist, and who chose them?
As humans evolved we developed cultures and languages. How naming of places started is a complete mystery – nobody knows for sure.
And over time, these names were twisted, contorted, developed, translated and misconstrued. It took the entirety of human history for the names we have today to emerge

601+ Compelling Country Name Ideas for Stories and Brands [2]

Ever thought about naming a country? Do you need to come up with a country name for your project in school, work or a brand story? No matter your goal, it can be fun to think of country names and imagine how the citizens reside, live, and work in these realms.. If you’re running low on ideas, I listed more than 600 compelling country names you can use
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– I’m full so there’s Norway I can have another plate.. – When asked if I wanted to eat, I replied “Yemen”.

Top 50 Fictional Countries: From Ambrosia to Zuy [3]

The Independent’s journalism is supported by our readers. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission.
I compiled a Top 10 Fictional Countries for The New Review, the Independent on Sunday’s magazine, yesterday, but this was such a popular one that I can now give you the Top 50.. Location of many of the fantasies of Billy Liar, in the 1959 novel by Keith Waterhouse, and the 1963 film
Nominated by Xlibris1, Jonathan Ford and James Bennett.. Pictured above: Athanasius Kircher’s map of 1669 (with north at the bottom)

Countries Without the Letter A in Their Name [4]

There are 195 countries in the world of which 193 countries are members of the United Nations. The other two countries, Holy See and Palestine, are non-member observer state
Except for a few countries like North and South Korea, most of the countries have unique names. Nearly all the countries are named after the following: land feature, tribe name, the geography of the country, or an important personality
In fact, only 32 countries of the world are without the letter A in their names. Countries Without Letter a in Their Names by Region

Popular Places Around The World That Are Named After People [5]

Ever wondered how some of the popular destinations got their names? Well, among other reasons, some have been named after important people! Check out these places that were named after people in history, and make your next travel plans unique.. Earlier this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi named 21 unnamed islands in Andaman and Nicobar
The list, which came out just in time for Republic Day, got us thinking about other places in the world that have been named after people. After a little bit of digging, we found some names.
15 popular places named after people to add to your bucket list. Kyiv, Ukraine – named after Kyi, one of the four who established the city

Country Generator [6]

You can either use our country name generator to output a random list of real countries or you can use it to create your own fictional kingdoms for use in fantasy writing, gaming and map-work. When we invent countries, we use sounds, prefixes and endings from real places to make them sound realistic.

Nearly every country on earth is named after one of four things [7]

When the US president says “America first” to a room full of world leaders, he probably doesn’t mean to invoke the spirit of a 15th-century Italian. When Charles de Gaulle proclaimed, “La France n’est pas seule!” he likely wasn’t talking about a Germanic tribe from two millennia past
Our countries’ names instill in us a sense of pride. Our leaders use them as emotional triggers in speeches, and so do citizens, creating slogans around country names to rally support on social media and conjure unity in protests
But just like our first names are handed to us without our input, the names of nations are inherited, arbitrary, and, often, absurd. Sometimes we get names we don’t want, and our efforts to correct don’t stick.

702+ Fictional Country Name Ideas That Sound like Real Places [8]

Fiction is one of the most captivating art forms, allowing readers to dive into imaginative worlds populated with extraordinary characters and unbelievable circumstances. There’s no limit to the tales that can be told from war-torn kingdoms to unforgettable love stories or playful satire.
Fiction stories can captivate and inspire readers of all ages, setting imaginations alight and providing endless entertainment.. When writing fiction, you need to come up with fictional names for countries and forgotten realms
If you’re having trouble with that regard, I’ve (hopefully) got the solution. This article provides a comprehensive fictional country name idea list that actually sounds like a real place.

How to create a good name for a fictional nation in my story? [9]

A lot of fictional nations take their cue from real world nations and use them to build off the culture and governments of those nations. It might be helpful to look at your region of the world and see how example nations in that region got their name as well as look at geographical features in the area
For example, Germans do not call Germany “Germany” but rather “Deutschland” in the German Language. the Chinese words for United States of America, but rather the simple modern translation is “The Beautiful Country” due to the fact that the word “America” sounds similar to the Chinese word for Beauty
And it isn’t the only nation with such flattering names. It’s actually Chinese tradition to name countries in a flattering manner.).

601+ Compelling Country Name Ideas for Stories and Brands [10]

Ever thought about naming a country? Do you need to come up with a country name for your project in school, work or a brand story? No matter your goal, it can be fun to think of country names and imagine how the citizens reside, live, and work in these realms.. If you’re running low on ideas, I listed more than 600 compelling country names you can use
Related Reading: 650+ Fictional Kingdom Name Ideas to Inspire Your Empire. Related Reading: 701+ Creative Village Name Ideas for Fictional Towns and Stories
– I’m full so there’s Norway I can have another plate.. – When asked if I wanted to eat, I replied “Yemen”.

Dive into anything [11]

For artists, writers, gamemasters, musicians, programmers, philosophers and scientists alike! The creation of new worlds and new universes has long been a key element of speculative fiction, from the fantasy works of Tolkien and Le Guin, to the science-fiction universes of Delany and Asimov, to the tabletop realm of Gygax and Barker, and beyond. This subreddit is about sharing your worlds, discovering the creations of others, and discussing the many aspects of creating new universes.
I’m having a bit of a hard time coming up with country names for something I’m writing, and I’m wondering if there are any principles that should be taken into consideration when naming a country. I currently have one in mind but I’m not sure if it’s good enough, or fits well enough.
Poland, for example, means “land of the fields.” ^ I’m not completely sure if this is accurate, but you get the idea.. Poland’s archaic name was “Lechia” or something similar, and I believe that the “ia” or “ica” suffix is referring to a person/place/thing.

List of country-name etymologies [12]

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. (Learn how and when to remove these template messages)
Some of these include notes on indigenous names and their etymologies. Countries in italics are endonyms or no longer exist as sovereign political entities.
The modern Constitution of Afghanistan, however, states that the word “Afghan” shall apply to every citizen of Afghanistan.[9][10]. – Kabulistan, a former name: “Land of Kabul”, a city probably deriving its name from the nearby Kabul River which was known in Sanskrit and Avestan as the Kubhā,[11] possibly from Scythian ku (“water”).[12] The city has also been linked to the Kabolitae (Ancient Greek: Καβωλῖται, Kabōlîtai)[13] and Cabura (Κάβουρα, Káboura).[14] The Hindu Rigveda praises Kubhā as an “ideal city.”[15][16]

Country and nation names [13]

This name generator will give you 10 random names for a fantasy country, land, or nation.. Country names vary a lot, which is often because of the different language backgrounds
Some names will seem similar to existing country names, others will be more different or obscure, and some will seem more like names specific to a certain language. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names
The art above has kindly been submitted by Johnathan M., click to visit DeviantArt profile.

A-Z list of Countries and Regions in the World :: Nations Online Project [14]

|Afghanistan||Afghanistan||Afghanestan||South-Central Asia|. |American Samoa||Samoa Américaines||American Samoa||Polynesia, Oceania|
|Antigua and Barbuda||Antigua-et-Barbuda||Antigua and Barbuda||Leeward Islands, Caribbean|. |Argentina||Argentine||Argentina||Southern South America|
|Azerbaijan||Azerbaïdjan||Azarbaycan||Caucasus, Western Asia|. |Bahrain||Bahreïn||Al Bahrayn||Arabian Peninsula, Middle East|

Make your own country name, part II. This time with real countries [15]

This is the way the world ends, not with a b-a-n-g but with an -n-i-a.. At least that’s the way a good share of the world’s country names end
So as with Ballnavia and Slaka and Molvania, I inverted the names on the United Nations member list (English-language version) and alphabetized by last letter and then arrayed them graphically with size representing frequency (actually it represents frequency squared, but I think that actually helps draw out the patterns). What I got was actually not much different from the results for make-believe Europe:
and again got a similar result, again suggesting that country beginnings are the source of much more variety than country endings.. So from here it’s a simple step to yet another matrix of beginnings and endings, again ranked by my formula of “length of character string” times “frequency of appearance.” Draw lines from prefix to suffix to make your own country names

Official Names of Countries 2023 [16]

Whether or not we realize it, most of us do not use a country’s official name on a daily basis. Nearly every country in the world has an official or formal name that is longer and more formal than its common name
Alternately, many countries use the similar “Kingdom of,” such as Kingdom of Denmark and Kingdom of Norway, or a related form such as “Islamic Republic of,” “Democratic Republic of,” and “State of,” among several others.. The following lists display the common and official names of every country (and several territories) in the world, grouped by continent.
The following are the common and official names of countries in Asia:. The following are the common and official names of countries in Europe:

Name Origin and Ethnicity finder [17]

Namsor helps you find thorough information about the origin of a name by establishing a name’s country of origin, ethnicity, diaspora, country of residence and US race classification in a wide range of alphabets*.. Taxonomy of 192 countries of origin based on a person’s origin, defined as the country from where the person, its parents or its ancestors come from
Taxonomy based on cultural expression and place of origin defined as large groups of people classed according to common national, tribal, religious, linguistic or cultural origin or background.. Taxonomy of 6 racial ethnicities used by the US Census that reflect a social definition of race and define it as a categorization of individuals who share certain distinctive social, cultural and possibly ‘physical’ traits.
The country of residence of a name does not necessarily correspond to the nationality of a name.. Identify the country of originbased on a first name, a last name or a full name

The World Factbook [18]

This entry includes all forms of the country’s name approved by the US Board on Geographic Names (Italy is used as an example): conventional long form (Italian Republic), conventional short form (Italy), local long form (Repubblica Italiana), local short form (Italia), former (Kingdom of Italy), as well as the abbreviation (if applicable). Additionally, an etymology entry explains how the country acquired its name
local long form: formerly Jamhuri-ye Islami-ye Afghanistan. etymology: the name “Afghan” originally referred to the Pashtun people (today it is understood to include all the country’s ethnic groups), while the suffix “-stan” means “place of” or “country”; so Afghanistan literally means the “Land of the Afghans”
etymology: the English-language country name seems to be derived from the ancient Illyrian tribe of the Albani; the native name “Shqiperia” is derived from the Albanian word “Shqiponje” (“Eagle”) and is popularly interpreted to mean “Land of the Eagles”. Algeriaconventional long form: People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Country names [19]

In this section: General guidance | Specific examples | Abbreviations | Further resources. In general, for countries with complex names use contemporary English terms and an accepted short form rather than the full name (e.g
When reporting the country or region of a study, use the terminology used in the studies and, if possible, place it in contemporary context, being sure to reflect changes in borders and names accurately (e.g. Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro at the time of writing; YYYY)’ or ‘the study was conducted in the Czech Republic (part of Czechoslovakia at the time of the study; YYYY)’ if you know that the studies were conducted in that region).
USA: use ‘USA’ or ‘the USA’ (as appropriate) in running text when referring to the United States of America; other forms may be used when part of specific names, e.g. For more information on abbreviations of country names, see Common abbreviations that do not need to be defined.

Country Names: 400+ Country Names Ideas And Suggestions [20]

Country Names: 400+ Country Names Ideas And Suggestions. Welcome to our blog article on “400 Country Names” where we share a collection of creative and unique country names that will captivate your imagination
As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I have delved deep into the art of naming. My expertise extends beyond country names to fantasy character naming as well
In this article, I promise you an exciting array of unique country names that will inspire and delight. From whimsical lands to awe-inspiring realms, we have curated a collection that goes beyond the ordinary

Naming Conventions Around the World [21]

The concept of naming varies greatly around the world. The western European and North American notion of a person keeping one first name throughout their life isn’t reflected in the naming practices of other cultures.
This affects how your customers and colleagues around the globe expect to be addressed.. On a practical note, naming conventions also complicate the personalisation trend that marketing communications are now adopting
Some parts of the world keep it short and sweet when it comes to dishing out the names.. In the UK, many people only have a first name and family name

Vietnam Country Names [22]

From the time when Vietnamese create their first dynasty until today, there are various titles for the territory in which the people have lived. The first name was Van Lang, which referred to the initial kingdom in northern Vietnam that was governed by the Hung King family
After the collapse of the Au Lac kingdom, Vietnam was divided into 2 parts called Giao Chi and Cuu Chan. However, in an interruption of such rule, Ly Bi, a historic national hero, stood up to and established a dynasty named Van Xuan before it was eliminated in 602 A.D.
Nevertheless, this title came to be for only 86 years, and once again replaced by the Ly Dynasty with the name Dai Viet which also meant “The Huge Vietnam”. This title had the longest applied time in the history of Vietnam, from the beginning of the Ly Dynasty in 1054 to the days of the Nguyen in 1800s.

Turkey Is Latest Country Pushing Name Change on World [23]

Let’s talk Turkey – or shall we say Türkiye? If the capital of China is rendered as Beijing in English, should we still be ordering Peking duck? Why does Bombay chicken remain on the menu, although the city is now Mumbai? The Dutch ditched Holland in 2020 and would like English speakers to call their country the Netherlands (which they spell Nederland). Does that mean we have to tell the waiter to hold the Hollandaise sauce?
government agencies, notably the Defense Department, adopted Türkiye (a critical NATO ally), while the State Department uses the old and the new.. Some Turkish officials have long resented their country, previously the centerpiece of the Ottoman Empire, sharing a name with a bird and an idiom that denotes a dud.
“Country ‘rebranding’ is about territory, sovereignty or national identity and in that sense is radically different from corporate rebranding, which is arguably ultimately about a calculation of profit.”. government agencies rely on the Geographic Names Server, maintained by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, where the entries are refereed by the official U.S

How To Name A Country
23 How To Name A Country Tutorial


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