23 How To Mute Discord Audio On Obs With Video

23 How To Mute Discord Audio On Obs With Video

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How To Mute Discord on OBS [1]

Discord is the number one platform streamers use to live stream their gameplay with friends and viewers. This is because Discord is convenient to use when it comes to carrying out interaction while playing games
Gamers usually combine the two to increase viewers and engagement with them. But, Discord can be disruptive with all the notifications, chat pop-ups, etc.
Then, drag the slider to the extreme left to mute Discord on OBS.. As a result, your OBS stream quality will improve if you mute Discord

How to mute Discord on OBS? [Solution] [2]

Written by: Hrishikesh Pardeshi, Founder at Flexiple, buildd & Remote Tools.. A lot of streamers make use of Discord while streaming their gameplay to friends and viewers
Also, the multitude of features available on Discord makes it the ideal chat app while gaming.. OBS Studio (Open Broadcast Software) is among the most widely used streaming platforms
These features work toward making the streaming experience great as a whole.. Gamers usually combine Discord and OBS, as it helps to engage more viewers, and get them to interact

Dive into anything [3]

Free, open source live streaming and recording software for Windows, macOS and Linux. It took me days to realise how to fix this, literally days
You just register OBS as a game in Discord and stream it that way. You’ll have audio! Made it super easy to stream PS4 games to friends!

How to Mute Discord on OBS [4]

While it’s simple enough to close any windows or web browser tabs so you don’t show the public internet your bank account details, sound is trickier, since you are often broadcasting in-game music or a playlist.. One of the most common culprits is Discord notifications, which are often missed when you’re preparing to go live, but which will chirp away for all your viewers to hear
There are a few simple ways to mute Discord audio on your stream. The first is to specifically mute notification sounds you don’t want to hear while streaming.
The quickest way to mute Discord is also the simplest: close discord entirely.. There are a lot of valid reasons to keep your Discord running, however

How To Mute Discord On OBS Studio: 3 Methods to Try [5]

Discover how to mute Discord on OBS Studio while live-streaming your game. With Discord being a widely used app for gamer communication and OBS Studio serving as a popular tool for recording and live-streaming video, it’s essential to explore the best methods to achieve this.
To mute your friend’s voice, you can do it through the OBS Studio Audio Mixer, through the Discord Streamer Mode. Also, if you want to mute the Discord notification, you can follow our step-by-step instructions.
– Move the slider to the left to mute Discord audio completely.. – To hear Discord audio again, drag the slider to the right.

How To Mute Discord On OBS [2023 METHOD] [6]

Starting a stream is easy, whichever platform you prefer to use. Whether you choose YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, the process of setting up a stream is almost identical.
Becoming a streamer means optimizing your entire setup to ensure you deliver the highest quality content possible for your followers.. One task you’ll need to complete is to mute your Discord audio
You also need to select your operating system, and we recommend downloading the installer instead of a .zip or via BitTorrent.. Start the setup, follow the steps, and you should be done in less than five minutes.

How to Mute Discord on OBS [7]

In the fast-paced world of live streaming, having control over your audio is a must. When it comes to Discord, most streamers use OBS to manage their streams efficiently
This is exactly what we will discuss in the guide today.. Discord serves as a convenient communication platform for gamers during streams, while OBS Studio is a popular streaming tool
However, dealing with Discord noise issues may require muting it on OBS to improve the streaming experience. If you’re unsure how to accomplish this, our guide is here to assist you!

How to Mute Discord on OBS & Streamlabs (8 [8]

Discord and OBS go together like peanut butter and jam. But sometimes you just want some toast without one or the other
In this guide we’ll show you how to mute Discord on OBS Studio so you can stream without your viewers getting jebaited from Discord notifications, or hearing the voices of the people you’re talking with in Discord.. Whatever your reasoning for wanting to make OBS not pick up Discord audio is, we’ve got you covered
I’ll be using OBS Studio for this guide, but the Streamlabs OBS GUI is very similar so you can still easily follow along and get it working.. If all you’re looking to do is make sure any Discord notifications aren’t heard through your stream or recording, then here are a couple ways to mute Discord notification sounds on OBS:

Question / Help – mute discord on obs [9]

I want to record Beat Saber on OBS an mute Discord on the record so i can keep talking to my friend while i record. but every time i mute the audio of discord in OBS it mutes everything

How to Mute Discord on OBS – Quick and Easy Guide (2023) [10]

Connecting Discord to other streaming platforms is something that happens all the time, and it seems like people enjoy combining Discord and OBS and providing people from their community with a high-quality stream.. OBS is a streaming software that allows people to share their gameplay with other users, but it doesn’t allow them to exchange messages or engage in a voice chat.
In today’s guide, I will talk about how to mute Discord on OBS.. In today’s guide, I will talk about how to mute Discord on OBS
Further below, I will talk about this in more detail, so stick around to learn more!. Once you have started your stream, in order to exclude Discord audio from OBS you will first have to open the OBS app and wait a few seconds until it can start working without problems.

[] How To Mute Discord On OBS Studio: A Simple Guide [11]

Discord is one of the most commonly used apps for gamers to communicate with each other. If you want to stream your game using OBS, you may wonder how to mute Discord on OBS Studio.
If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably used it to capture footage of your gameplay.. So, what are the best ways to mute Discord on OBS Studio? There are actually three options for doing so
To improve the game streaming experience, many gamers integrate Discord with OBS Studio. Discord is a software that allows you to communicate and interact with other players or even with your viewers during streaming.

How To Mute Discord On OBS? [4 Simple Ways] – MeshPie [12]

How To Mute Discord On OBS? [4 Simple Ways] – MeshPie. Everyone knows and uses Discord for talking to their buddies while gaming and streaming
The other features available on Discord make it even better and make it the perfect voice chat app for friends during gaming. This is the reason why many streamers use discord as their go-to app while streaming games, as it provides a bunch of streamer-friendly options that can be tweaked around.ContentsHow to add Discord audio in OBS studio? How to mute Discord on OBS?– Via Discord– Via OBS Studio Mixer– Mute Discord chat & server notifications– Via Volume Mixer Frequently Asked Questions: How to mute discord in OBS? Can I mute discord while streaming? How to remove discord audio completely?
The active developer community makes it even better by delivering the requests of the streamers and by updating it regularly.. Check out our guide on How to record screen using OBS if you are getting started with OBS as it covers the basics of OBS.

How To Mute Discord On Obs [Best Guide] [13]

How To Mute Discord On Obs:- Nowadays, a lot of streamers have started using Discord to communicate with their friends or teammates while streaming. Discord is mainly targeted towards gamers who would like to have a voice chat facility while playing games, however, a lot of other people have also started using it
Likewise, OBS, which is probably the most preferred software by streamers to stream their gameplay online. Usually, a lot of streamers combine Discord and OBS during their streams, which in return gives more immersion to viewers, since you will be able to communicate with them via Discord
Of course, it’s a good idea to combine both Discord OBS for a seamless streaming experience. However, sometimes, you might want to simply mute Discord on OBS if there is any shouting from your friends or too much noise in the background

How To Mute Discord on OBS Studio? (Easy Guide) [14]

You can prevent Discord sounds from interfering with your stream by either enabling Discord’s Streamer Mode or by muting Discord on OBS Studio. This is usually done by entering the respective app’s user settings and muting the desired audio output
Luckily, as a computer nerd, I’m here to help you and guide you through the process of muting Discord on OBS.. In this article, we’ll discuss how to mute Discord on OBS and how to prevent Discord sounds from broadcasting over your stream
Unfortunately, it also neglects all audio output produced by programs and apps. However, you can add Discord audio to your OBS as a virtual audio device and control the volume from the streaming software

[] How To Mute Discord On OBS [15]

Discord is the number one platform streamers use to live stream their gameplay with friends and viewers. This is because Discord is convenient to use when it comes to carrying out interaction while playing games
Gamers usually combine the two to increase viewers and engagement with them. But, Discord can be disruptive with all the notifications, chat pop-ups, etc.
Then, drag the slider to the extreme left to mute Discord on OBS.. As a result, your OBS stream quality will improve if you mute Discord

Dive into anything [16]

A subreddit for discussions and news about gaming on the GNU/Linux family of operating systems (including the Steam Deck).. So like the title says, I need something that every audio get passed on through my headset but separated so OBS dont record audio coming from discord ( mainly friends talking) …
If someone knows how to do that i would gladly accept some help!. my system > arch linux, gnome, i think its in pulse audio, i use some headset (no monitor audio)

How to Mute Discord in Streamlabs Desktop [17]

Streamlab Desktop’s new Application Audio Capture function allows you to split what your stream hears and what you hear. That’s right, no more worrying about how to keep your viewers from hearing your private Discord conversation
Under the Mixer section, find your Desktop Audio and click the speaker icon to mute it. Next, if you want to ensure that your chat still hears your alert notifications (follows, subs, donations, etc.) you’ll need to configure this in your settings
From there, click on Alertbox to open the dropdown menu. Be sure it is set to Monitor and Output, otherwise your stream won’t hear any alert sounds

How To Mute Discord in OBS — Tech How [18]

Discord is a popular communication platform allowing users to connect via text, voice, and video. It’s a great tool for gaming, business, or socializing with friends
Fortunately, it’s a quick and easy process that can be done in a few simple steps. In this article, we will guide you on how to mute Discord in OBS, ensuring that your audience can focus on your content without any distractions
Ensure that your Discord notification sounds are muted in OBS; you should enable the Streamer Mode option in Discord. Open up the application and navigate to your User Settings.

How To Mute Discord on Twitch Stream? Complete Guide [19]

How To Mute Discord on Twitch Stream? Today, live streaming platforms like Twitch are becoming increasingly popular, providing content creators with the opportunity to interact with their audience in real time.. In order to ensure a seamless and professional experience for viewers, it is important to maintain control over audio sources when streaming.
You will be guided through the steps in this guide to effectively mute Discord on your Twitch stream, allowing you to maintain full control over the audio sources during your stream.. Open the OBS Studio software, click on the Audio Mixer panel, and locate the audio output from Discord.
In order to stream gameplay on Twitch, Twitch uses external software such as OBS Studio and XSplit.. Consequently, muting Discord on Twitch will depend on which software is used.

How to record Discord Audio with OBS? How to mute Discord Audio? [20]

Discord has become the most popular all-around communication software for not only gamers but a lot of other people out there.. Most streamers also use discord to talk to their teammates, friends or even their audience as they stream
OBS, on the other hand, is another popular software used for streaming. Many streamers often onboard their audience or teammates onto their streams by combining the two.
Discord has a safety feature called Streamer Mode that prevents certain sources from leaving the software if it detects a streaming software is running on your PC.. To counter this we’re going to use a separate audio source inside of OBS.

Can you mute Discord in OBS? [21]

To do so, you first need to add the Discord app as a source in OBS. To do this, open the ‘Sources’ tab, click the ‘+’ icon and then select ‘Window Capture’ from the drop-down menu.
Once you have added the Discord app as a source in OBS, you can mute it simply by right-clicking on the source and selecting the ‘Mute’ option. You can also adjust the volume of the Discord audio in OBS by selecting the ‘Mixer’ tab and adjusting the volume slider for the Discord app.
To do this, launch OBS and then navigate to the Settings menu.. Once there, click on the ‘Audio’ tab and find the Desktop Audio Input section

How To Mute Discord On OBS? 5 Methods [22]

When you stream live, you rapidly learn that anything that occurs on your computer may end up showing up on your broadcast by accident. While it’s easy to dismiss any windows or online browser tabs so you don’t display the public internet your bank account information, sound is more difficult because you’re frequently streaming in-game audio or a library.
To avoid this issue, let’s look at how to mute Discord on OBS.. You’ve probably already added the Discord sounds to your OBS streams
– To begin, run the OBS programme on your PC or laptop and wait a few seconds.. – Pick the scene to which you wish to add the sound in the OBS programme.

How to Mute Discord on OBS? [23]

OBS, which stands for Open Broadcaster Software, is the most popular program streamers use to broadcast their games online. During streams, many streamers typically utilize Discord and OBS simultaneously, providing more involvement to the viewers since they can communicate with them via Discord
Of course, it’s a good idea to use both Discord OBS and other tools to provide a smooth streaming experience. However, if your pals are shouting or the background noise is loud, you may simply turn off Discord on OBS
This lesson will show you how to mute Discord on OBS without any problems.. Do you have a particular question about muting Discord on OBS? Then use the table of contents below to jump to the most relevant section

How To Mute Discord Audio On Obs
23 How To Mute Discord Audio On Obs With Video


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