21 How To Perform A Lateral In Madden Tutorial

21 How To Perform A Lateral In Madden Tutorial

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How to Lateral in Madden 23 [1]

The difference between a good lateral and a bad lateral can spell victory or defeat in the NFL and that’s just as true in Madden 23. When you uncork one (or five consecutively) at the right time, there’s always the potential to conjure visions of dramatic endings like those from the past
Even the Music City Miracle was just a long-distance lateral across the field on a kick-off that gave the Titans a playoff win over the Bills.. Of course, we also witnessed one of the most insane laterals gone wrong of all-time in the NFL this season
Instead, Chandler Jones picked the ball out of the air, steamrolled his fellow Jones, and cruised into the end zone to win the game for the Raiders.. It should serve as cautionary tale for all Madden players who would consider messing around with laterals at stages of the game where it’s especially unwarranted.

How to lateral in Madden 23 [2]

There are a plethora of mechanics in Madden 23 players use in every single game they play. From juking opponents to trucking them, there are certain mechanics that players will simply use more than others.
This is the case with the “lateral,” as it’s not something players will hardly ever use—but it does come in handy in certain situations.. A lateral is essentially a backward pass in Madden.
Or, in rare situations, players will lateral to another player when they’re being tackled so the other player can run with the football.. In Madden 23, players could use a lateral for either of those situations

Madden NFL 20 Guide [3]

Knowing how to lateral (or how to pitch) in Madden NFL 20 can help extend a game in a desperate situation and throw the defense off-balance during a big gain! Pitching the ball is also a great way to turn a fumble recovery into a huge return! Read on for a full breakdown.. The act of lateralling or pitching the ball is when the ball carrier throws it behind him to a teammate during a run
Note that player-controlled lateralling is different than calling a running play such as Quick Pitch. Lateralling is fully in the hands of the controlling player.
You may tilt the left stick in the general direction of the “receiver” of the lateral to aim it. However, unlike passing with the quarterback, the ball carrier will not necessarily lateral the ball immediately.

Madden 23: How to Make a Lateral Pass [4]

When it comes to sports games like Madden NFL series, there are some key attributes that will increase your chance of winning. The more tactics you have under your sleeve and how well you can put it into practice is the key element to defeating your opponent
Knowing tactics like Lateral Pass can be a game-changer in Madden 23. These tactics are the best solution when your opponent’s defense has reached you, and now you are stuck and need to pass the ball to the other player and make your way into the endzone.
The first and obvious thing for using the Lateral Pass is to have another teammate near you on the right or left side.. Even though the Lateral Pass seems like an easy tactic to perform, it actually requires a good awareness of where are all the players

How to Lateral in Madden 22 [5]

One of the most popular plays in American football uses the lateral pass. This technique is often seen in popular football movies as well.
This guide will show you how to lateral in Madden 22 and execute a successful pass more often. This will help you expand your offensive playbook when playing on a higher difficulty or even against your friends.
The play is where you have the wide receiver running near the sideline and suddenly runs diagonally towards the center or “hooks” into the middle of the field.. When the wide receiver catches the ball from the pass, you can either head straight down the field if it is open or pass it again to another player behind him as you have attracted all the defense’s attention.

How to Lateral in Madden 23 [6]

Using a lateral in Madden 23 is a great tool to have at your disposal, but should only be used in the right circumstances. This is an incredibly risky move because, if you don’t get it just right, you leave yourself open for a turnover of possession high into your territory
For those who aren’t clued up, a lateral pass is a pass in football thrown parallel to the line of scrimmage or obliquely to the read. It’s a bit of a novelty move because if you don’t get it quite right, it can result in a turnover and a potential touchdown if your opponent is quick on the counter.
This will cause your QB to either throw the ball behind them or to one of the players to their left or right if there isn’t an option behind.. If your QB has neither a player close to either side or behind them, chances are they’re going to toss it a long way across the field, which almost always ends up in an interception

How to do a lateral pass in Madden 24: Controls explained [7]

How to do a lateral pass in Madden 24: Controls explained. Throwing a lateral pass can, at times, be the big key for you winning in Madden, but how do you do one in Madden 24? Here’s what you need to know.
They just want the routes and combinations that they’re so used to seeing every Sunday on TV and are eager to replicate them in Madden.. Plenty of others opt for the best playbooks around – the meta playbooks, if you will – that include some of the best offensive patterns in the game.
However, sometimes you just need a lateral pass to create some space. And, well, these option plays are still available to you in Madden 24.

How to lateral pass in Madden 24: Inputs & tips [8]

If you’re wondering how to perform a proper lateral pass in Madden 24, here’s a guide with everything you need to know, including the input commands and some extra tips to consider.. In Madden 24, players can utilize an immense variety of mechanics in each game, whether that involves juking the opposing defense, gaining extra yards, or bringing the opposing runner to a halt
We’re talking about the lateral pass, which is basically a type of pass that allows one of your teammates to keep the run going and increase not only the number of yards but also the touchdown opportunity for your team.. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to lateral in Madden 24, including input commands and some tips to keep in mind.
The ball carrier will then throw the ball sideways or backward to the nearest teammate.. The most important thing when performing a lateral is to ensure that there is a player directly behind or parallel to the ball carrier

How to Lateral (Pitch) in Madden 23 [9]

Controlling the ball and advancing it up the field in Madden 23 is going to be pretty important this year and there’s a very interesting way to do it.. We’re going to show you how to lateral (pitch) in Madden 23 on both consoles
Let’s see if this mechanic will be useful in Madden 23 and MUT.. The first console we’re going to cover is the PlayStation
To perform a lateral or pitch in Madden 23, you’ll press the L1 button, commonly referred to as the left bumper on Xbox.. It’s pretty simple to do but requires the right timing and for one of your teammates to be behind you

How to Do a Lateral Pass in Madden NFL 24? [10]

The playbook you select wields remarkable influence in the vibrant landscape of Madden’s offensive strategies. While some devotees gravitate towards their cherished team’s playbook, yearning for the comfort of familiar routes and formations seen on game days, others plunge into the realm of elite playbooks – those esteemed as meta playbooks
Delving into the strategic tapestry, one uncovers a plethora of inventive plays nestled within these exceptional playbooks. These include cunning trick plays designed to catch adversaries off-guard
Yet, amid these elaborate maneuvers, the unassuming lateral pass remains an invaluable asset in Madden 24.. At its core, executing a lateral pass introduces an element of calculated risk intertwined with potential reward

How to Do Lateral in Madden 22 [11]

If you want to know what Lateral means and how you can perform it in Madden 22, this is the right place for you. The Lateral is the action of taking away from the opponents in the field
You can read the guide below to get all the information for performing a lateral in Madden 22.. You can perform a lateral when you want to do a touchdown
You can perform a lateral several times in a match.. This is an offensive strategy as the player with the ball will have to run through the line of scrimmage

Madden 23: How To Lateral Pass [12]

EA Sports has released Madden 23 onto multiple platforms. The new American football video game is another great addition to the long-running Madden NFL series
While a basic sense of the sport helps a long way in the game, touchdowns, and victories will not come easily. Different game styles involve different plays, either developed by circumstance or a matter of taking risks
So let’s check out this guide and see how to make a Lateral Pass in Madden 23.. While most plays will be risky, even a well-versed Lateral Pass can go against you

How to Lateral Pass in Madden 23 [13]

Lateral passes are pretty rare in the NFL, but they are sometimes used in trick plays, option runs, or last-second plays. In Madden 23, you can perform a lateral pass nearly anywhere as a ball carrier, as long as you have a teammate behind you
Pressing the lateral pass button will cause the ball carrier to attempt to pitch it to the nearest teammate behind them. They will execute a fake pitch if there is no teammate behind them
Only a few plays in select playbooks have a designed pitch. The power, triple, and speed options are runs that can utilize the pitch move

Madden NFL 22 – How To Lateral Pass? [14]

The Lateral pass is one of the most important moves you can make in Madden 22. Along with being important, however, it is also pretty tricky
The lateral pass can appear to be quite intimidating for a lot of players, with many finding it tricky to master. This guide, however, is going to change all of that
In order to make a lateral pass in Madden NFL 22, you need to press L1 on your PlayStation controller. Likewise, you will need to press the Left Bumper button on your Xbox controller.

how to do lateral pitches in madden 23|TikTok Search [15]

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Madden 20 Lateral | How throw a lateral [16]

We’ve all been there: One play left, your team is down on the scoreboard and needs a miracle to pull off the victory. Often the black sheep of football, the lateral pass is something that you don’t see too often, but when it works, it raises the hype levels through the roof
Instead of waiting until you’re in a sticky situation to try and figure it out, take a quick look at how to throw a lateral in Madden 20.. Throwing a lateral pass doesn’t come without its risks
This means that if you throw a bad pass and the ball falls onto the field, it’s a fumble. Additionally, since you’re throwing the pass behind the line of scrimmage, you won’t have many players available to jump on the ball if you fumble, meaning you might turn over the ball and give up a touchdown if a defender is able to scoop it up and run it back to the end zone.

Madden 21: How To Lateral On Xbox One, PS4 And PC [17]

Madden NFL 21 offers more plays than ever, and laterals are one of the most fun to use.. These plays throw opposition off guard by throwing the ball in a direction away from the opponent’s goalline, such as backwards.
Lateral passes are achieved using L1 or LB on PS4 or Xbox One respectively, as well as having a player running behind to receive it.. PC players should be able to use “P” to achieve the same result, although we’re awaiting confirmation on this.
Therefore, dropping the ball or fumbling it can lead to a turnover.. Read More: Madden 21 Franchise Relocation: Brooklyn team names, uniforms, & more

Madden 19 Passing: How To Lateral The Ball In Madden 19 For PS4, Xbox One [18]

When it comes to the Madden 19 passing game, quarterbacks have a number of different plays they can make. That includes the popular Hail Mary pass that some QBs lob towards the end zone hoping for a miracle touchdown catch
This is a risky move in real NFL games and also in the video game. However, for those who want to achieve it, here’s how to lateral the ball in the Madden 19 game.
You don’t need to be Patrick Mahomes or Drew Brees to use the lateral in Madden 19. The lateral pass is a play where any ball carrier can toss the ball to a teammate who is to the side and behind them on the field

How To Lateral in Madden 22? Helpful Guide [19]

How To Lateral in Madden 22? To throw a lateral pass in Madden NFL 22, you will need to know how to play the game. In the game, a lateral is a throw to a non-lineman from the offense
Ball carrier prioritizes non-linemen before linemen. How To Lateral in Madden 22? In Madden Nfl 22, a ball carrier will prioritize non-linemen before linemen
Linemen are the most important position on the field, but the non-linemen are not as important.. The game features a new Pro-Tak tackling system that gives players more control over the way they are tackled

How To Do Lateral Pass In Madden NFL 23 [20]

Let’s paint a picture, you’re about to score a game-winning touchdown in Madden NFL 23, but suddenly, the defense has caught up to you. You’ve got someone approaching from the front, and your left-hand side, and you need to figure out the best way to get into the endzone
The Lateral Pass can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re stuck in a bad situation with nowhere to go, but unless you make your way through the how-to-play section on the menu, you may not even know that it exists. Let’s dive into this offensive maneuver, and find out how to master it so you can utilize it in your upcoming games, and become the MVP no matter how you do it
As you have control of the ball, as long as you have another player near you, you’ll be able to toss the ball back towards them, no matter if they are on your right or left-hand side, allowing you to keep a play live for longer. You’re going to want to use this type of play if you’re near the endzone, or near the first-yard line to turn the game in your favor, but know that you’re going to need some fair spacial awareness to make it happen so you don’t cause a fumble.

Madden NFL 23-Lateral Pass Explained- How to Perform [21]

Madden NFL 23 is the latest installment of one of the most popular football game series Madden NFL. This series has been running for a long time and is mainly based on The National Football League or NFL
Lateral Pass or Backward Pass is one of those features that players will get in every Madden NFL game.. This guide will help you know how to perform Lateral Pass in Madden NFL 23.
Lateral Passes are not very popular because, in these passes, the player with the ball passes the ball to their teammate who is far away from the opponent’s goal. Players can perform Lateral Passes as many times as they want.

How To Perform A Lateral In Madden
21 How To Perform A Lateral In Madden Tutorial


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