21 How To Open Benevientos Treasure Tutorial

21 How To Open Benevientos Treasure Tutorial

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How To Get Beneviento’s Treasure In Resident Evil 8 Village

How To Get Beneviento’s Treasure In Resident Evil 8 Village
How To Get Beneviento’s Treasure In Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Beneviento’s Treasure [1]

How do you get Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village? After reaching a certain point in the story, Resident Evil Village gives you the illusion that it is opening up and allowing you to go wherever you like. One way it does this is by marking golden treasure chests on your map, telling you where some of the best items and Treasures are in the game
Resident Evil Village: How to Get Beneviento’s Treasure. You’ll pass the graveyard containing Beneviento’s Treasure twice before you can actually access it
This is located in the Graveyard area opposite the Church. Defeat the two enemies and then grab the Broken Slab from inside the chapel.

How to get the Resident Evil Village Beneviento treasure [2]

Getting the Resident Evil Village Beneviento treasure is tricky because it’s one item that can only be found within a certain time. The House Beneviento treasure is easy to completely miss as a result – try to find it too early, or too late and you’ll never get near it
There is another issue you’ll need to deal with, beyond just scheduling, and that’s a giant axe-wielding enemy guarding it. You’ll need to kill them and their friends after you collect the Claudia Beneviento tombstone shard needed to get this reward
However, coming up we’ve got tips on when to get the House Beneviento treasure in Resident Evil Village, how, and some help to deal with the monsters too. How to get the Resident Evil Village Beneviento treasure

Resident Evil 8 Village Guide [3]

This section of IGN’s Resident Evil Village Wiki Guide details how you can receive Angie, Donna Beneviento’s creepy doll, and how much she’s worth to The Duke.. After completing your boss fight with both Donna Beneviento and Angie at House Beneviento, inspect Donna’s body to pick up the Angie Treasure
Read below to find out how to beat Donna and Angie in their boss fight in order to get this treasure.. The house is now covered with creepy dolls on every floor, table, and wall, all of which seem to be controlled by Donna and her main partner Angie.
Angie will attempt to hide in this part of the house among the many dolls, and if you take too long to find her, she’ll summon a horde of them to try and tear you to pieces. Since you lack defensive measures or health options, you won’t be able to last for long, so speed is the top priority.

How to Get Beneviento’s Treasure [4]

This page contains information on how to get Benevento’s Treasure, located at the large grave site past the Gardens on the way to House Beneviento. Completing this puzzle will award you Berengario’s Chalice, but you will also have to fight a tough miniboss to claim it.
You’ll end up in a large gravesite with a large headstone for a member of the Beneviento family, but part of the slab with their name is missing. You won’t be able to access it until after you have defeated Donna and Angie and returned to The Village.
Head to the Village’s graveyard above the Maiden of War statue, and you’ll find along with some new ghouls, a small mausoleum has opened, allowing you to pick up a Broken Slab. This is the same slab that was missing from the large Beneviento tombstone past the garden.

How to Access the Beneviento Tomb Treasure in Resident Evil Village [5]

The next horrifying installment of the Resident Evil series has finally arrived. Continuing the story of Ethan Winters following the events of Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village sees our titular hero venture into a mysterious eastern European town to save his kidnapped baby
Pulling inspiration from previous entries, Resident Evil Village mixes both horror and action. To give yourself an edge you’ll want to earn treasures, which are valuable items that require a bit of legwork to obtain
One of the easiest to miss is in the Beneviento’s graveyard, which requires you to find a missing slab for the large tomb by the elevator.. To unlock this treasure you need to first beat Angie and Donna in their boss fight

How to open the Beneviento grave in Resident Evil Village [6]

What’s inside the Resident Evil Village Beneviento grave? On your way back from House Beneviento you’ll notice a big grave with part of its plaque missing. None of the items you have on you will fit, but the object you need isn’t far away.
However, you’ll have to retrace your steps to a previous area and take on a miniboss before you can claim your prize. Here’s how to open the Beneviento grave (so there are spoilers ahead) and get the treasure inside.
After defeating Donna Beneviento you’ll want to spend some time exploring the Garden area on the map. There are a few buildings to inspect, a Labyrinth puzzle to complete, and some valuable items in the surrounding area

Resident Evil Village Beneviento’s Treasure: How to Get the Broken Slab [7]

There are treasures to find while exploring Resident Evil Village. One is called Beneviento’s Treasure and is located outside House Beneviento
To help you open the grave and get the treasure within we’ve put together this Resident Evil Village Beneviento Treasure guide. We’ll show you where to get the broken slab item, and how to get to the treasure.
To get Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil 8 you will need to make your way back to the graveyard area in the Village. You can find the Broken Slab item here, near Eva’s grave

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Beneviento’s Treasure (8 [8]

The long-awaited next entry in the Resident Evil series is here in the form of Resident Evil Village, an action-focused title that cranks up both the scares and the action to 11. Village is a much more open game than its predecessors, and it’s surprisingly packed with optional side content you can work on in between major boss fights and story moments
This treasure is located at a gravesite with a Broken Slab, and you’ll need to find the other piece to get it. Here’s how to find the Broken Sab and get Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village.
To get Beneviento’s Treasure, you have to find the Broken Slab and fix the memorial with it. The item you need only appears after defeating the boss inside House Beneviento, and once you obtain it, you’ll have to face another boss before you can get your hands on the treasure

Resident Evil 8 Village How to Get Beneviento’s Treasure [9]

This guide shows how to get Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil 8 Village (RE8). This treasure is located in the north-west of the Village in front of House Beneviento
Step 1: First you must find the Broken Slab key item, located in a crypt at the graveyard in the Village. You can only reach it after returning from House Beneviento (3rd Village Visit)! The crypt is locked otherwise
See the location circled red on the image below (to the left of Castle Dimitrescu entrance).. Be warned, a miniboss will spawn here and he can take a lot of damage, so come prepared with sufficient ammunition

How to get Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village (8 [10]

In Resident Evil Village, you can find valuables and treasures that you can sell for Lei, the in-game currency. While some are easy to find, others are a bit tricky to obtain like Beneviento’s Treasure.
Once you’re done with Beneviento’s Dollhouse section, inspect the grave outside the house to see that it requires a key item, leave it be and head towards the Graveyard near Maiden of War inside the village.. You must do this immediately before heading to the next objective since the crypt won’t open up afterwards, making this treasure Missable.
Defeat all vampires in the area and proceed to pick up the slab.. Now stock up on healing items and ammo and head back towards House Beneviento, place the slab on the lone grave.

Resident Evil Village Beneviento grave treasure guide [11]

After surviving the ordeal of House Beneviento, we can’t blame you for feeling a little rattled and needing guidance. As you approach and leave the house, you’ll encounter the large Beneviento grave, and your map will even later be marked with a note highlighting that Beneviento’s Treasure is here
Below, we’ll explain how to open Beneviento’s grave to obtain the treasure.. Resident Evil Village Beneviento grave treasure guide
What you’re after is the final piece of the grave’s plaque, which has been broken off.. Return to the main village area with the Maiden of War statue, then turn left and walk into the Graveyard

Beneviento Treasure Resident Evil 8 Village [12]

Resident Evil 8 Village Beneviento treasure is one of many valuable treasure items that you can find hidden across the map. This one in particular requires you to find a special item in a completely different location to unlock access to the treasure
We’ll tell you all about it in our Beneviento Treasure Resident Evil 8 Village guide.. How to Get Resident Evil 8 Village Beneviento Treasure
One of the crypts that is normally locked will now be open, so go inside and pick up the Broken Slab. The crypt is near the entrance to Castle Dimitrescu, on the left

Resident Evil Village walkthrough part 10: Maestro’s Collection, Luiza’s Heirloom, and Beneviento’s Treasure [13]

Before we continue with Resident Evil Village’s “Collect Rose: 2/4” objective, we’ll take you through the Graveyard, Maiden of War, Luthier’s House, and Luiza’s House areas where you’ll find RE8’s strange bird, Maestro’s Collection, Steel Hræsvelgr, F2 Rifle – High-Capacity Mag., Luiza’s Heirloom and Luiza’s necklace, Beneviento’s Treasure, Giant Crystal Axe, and broken slab key item.. In this Resident Evil 8 walkthrough, we’ll help you collect every item — like ammo, lei, rusted scrap, herbs, crystal fragments, and more — and find every key item with our maps and screenshots.
A vampire will pop out of it and leave the door open for you. Take care of the vampires, and then collect the broken slab from inside.
While we’re here and we’ve got a lockpick, head south the Maiden of War and then into the house due west. Use the lockpick on the drawer to collect some shotgun ammo.

Resident Evil Village Broken Slab Bug: How to fix crypt won’t open [14]

There are many fantastic treasures in the latest Resident Evil game to find and sell to get the best weapon upgrades out there, which is why the Resident Evil Village Broken Slab bug is so frustrating. In order to get the Beneviento Grave treasure, the player has to retrieve the Broken Slab from the gated crypt near the Maiden of War statue in the center of the village, but if the bug happens the crypt won’t open and the treasure can’t be retrieved
The Broken Slab crypt not opening bug can only be fixed by visiting the village’s graveyard area right after dealing with Angie and Donna and completing the Beneviento Mansion mission. If the player takes a detour or goes elsewhere first, the event that opens the crypt may not trigger and the Broken Slab cannot be retrieved
Basically, what is supposed to happen is that the player approaches the crypt, following the defeat of Angie and Donna, and zombies will crawl out of the ground and destroy the gate. This makes sense in the story, as the crypt belongs to the Beneviento family and Ethan just killed the last living member

Resident Evil Village Beneviento Grave Quest: How to get the treasure from the grave [15]

Resident Evil Village has a lot of exciting little quests for players. One such quest requires players to get a treasure from the Beneviento Grave
Resident Evil Beneviento Grave Quest will be triggered only after the House Beneviento mission.. How to get the treasure in the Resident Evil Beneviento Grave quest?
Players will be able to access this on their third visit to the village in Resident Evil Village.. To get their hands on the treasure, players will first need to locate a broken slab in the graveyard

Where To Find Beneviento’s Treasure In Resident Evil Village [16]

RE8 has taken the gaming community by storm with some of the sickest gameplays of all time. Not only has it done justice to the previous games, but it has set a new cornerstone with the 8th addition
We are so invested that we want to find every piece of every puzzle and know more and more. These RE8 hunts are also rewarding and one such hunt is the Beneviento’s Treasure
How to Get the Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village. To get Beneviento’s Treasure in RE Village, you will need to find two locations

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Beneviento’s Treasure [17]

Resident Evil Village has a lot of items that you’ll get by naturally progressing through the game. As things start to open up, though, there are some optional ones placed throughout that you can find that’ll help Ethan on his quest to save his daughter
How to Get Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village. In order to have the opportunity to get Beneviento’s Treasure, you need to progress to the portion of the game where Ethan picks up the Four-Winged Unborn Key
Head to this point and grab the portion of the tombstone, called the Broken Slab. Head toward Beneviento’s Treasure marker on your map and place the Broken Slab in the center of the grave to open it

How To Get Beneviento’s Treasure In Resident Evil Village ▷➡️ Trick Library ▷➡️ [18]

How to get the Beneviento treasure in Resident Evil Village. In this game there are a total of eight hidden treasuresTo get hold of them you must be very attentive
This high-value item seems somewhat difficult to obtain. But in this new dedicated guide we will explain step by step how to get Beneviento’s treasure in Resident Evil Village.
How to get Beneviento’s treasure in Resident Evil Village, complete guide. The Beneviento Treasure is just one of the 8 treasures present in Resident Evil Village, we detail below how to get Beneviento’s treasure in Resident Evil Village:

How to Get Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village [19]

One of the treasures you will come across in Resident Evil Village is called Beneviento’s Treasure. You find this treasure in the northwest of the Village, right in front of House Beneviento
The good news is that you come across this place as part of the main story.. To get the Beneviento’s Treasure you need to follow the following steps:
You can visit the place after coming back from House Beneviento because the crypt will be locked prior to that. Keep in mind that that crypt will lock again after your 3rd visit to the Village so pick it up when it is accessible.

Resident Evil Village Beneviento Grave [20]

Resident Evil Village Beneviento Grave | How to Get Treasure. Resident Evil Village is filled with a variety of locked doors, mysterious puzzles, and hidden treasures
Further, according to the map, it looks like Beneviento’s treasure is located atop the grave. To get the Beneviento grave treasure, you need to defeat Angie and clear House Beneviento, grab the Broken Slab from behind the graveyard door, then defeat the boss guarding the grave
Even better, the chalice can be sold to Duke for 18,000 Lei.. The developers were a bit tricky with the Beneviento grave because you actually have to pass by it a couple of times before you can claim the treasure inside

How do I open the Beneviento mausoleum in the graveyard? [21]

I’ve finished Resident Evil Village twice now and I’ve noticed some inconsistent behaviors with the Beneviento Treasure. In both playthroughs I defeated the Donna Beneviento and returned to the village with the four-winged key
On the other playthrough the mausoleum was never opened – thus preventing me from completing the puzzle and fighting the axe-weilding Urias miniboss.. What is required to open the mausoleum in the Village graveyard? It doesn’t seem like only defeating Donna Beneviento is sufficient.

How To Open Benevientos Treasure
21 How To Open Benevientos Treasure Tutorial


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