21 How To Obtain Knifey In High On Life With Video

21 How To Obtain Knifey In High On Life With Video

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How to Get Knifey in High On Life [1]

Knifey is one of the important weapons in the game, not only because he’s the only one that can deal melee damage, but he can also tether on to high ledges like a grappling hook. Knifey can also deal a huge chunk of damage, plus he can deflect certain projectiles back to the enemy.
Knifey can be obtained during the Bounty: 9-Torg mission. The location is at the Slums of Blim City, but since the portal is broken, you’ll have to get there on foot.
Follow the path forward through the docks around the sludge, and eventually you will see Bubble Buds from a distance. You’ll also start seeing 9-Torg’s insignia in some of the shacks, so you’ll know you’re in the right path.

High on Life: Every weapon & Gatlians explained [2]

Gatlians are the foul-mouthed alien weapons that narrate your adventure through High on Life, but how many are there, and what is it that has them stand out? Here’s a breakdown of every weapon in High on Life, as well as their unique abilities.. High on Life is a fresh take on the shooter formula from Rick and Morty creator, Justin Roiland, and he’s brought his notable zany humor to the genre by partnering players with a number of funny, and deadly, talking weapons.
Let’s take a look at every weapon in High on Life, and what makes each Gatlian unique.. There are a total of five weapons to pick up in High on Life, each of which offers the player a devasting range of attacks and special abilities
Kenny is the first companion you’ll find in High on Life, acting as the traditional pistol to ease you into the game’s combat. He also offers the Glob Shot alternative fire option that lets off a deadly explosive shot to send helpless enemies flying through the air.

Knifey [3]

Knifey is a sentient knife and melee weapon in the game that used to belong to Gene until he gave him away to the Torg Family. He is later retrieved by the player bounty hunter from being sold
Knifey plays a role in various objectives to complete melee tasks from the Bounty Hunter Forum.. Knifey has a red coloured head with a grip that appears to be wrapped with leather, two large eyeballs (the right one being larger than the the left) and a sharp silver blade
Knifey also enable the players to reach areas normally inaccessible in terms of height, as well as swinging across obstacles.. An Australian speaking knife, Knifey derives pleasure from murder and looks to satisfy his thirst for blood and also foul mouthed.

How to get Knifey in High on Life [4]

If you’re wondering how to get Knifey in High on Life, this is everything you need to know. The game has a lot going on at pretty much any moment
Knifey is one of the High on Life’s most violent characters. Given almost everything in High on Life wants to kill you, this is a pretty impressive feat
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How to Obtain Knifey in High on Life [5]

High On Life released on December 12, letting players delve into a world steeped in surreal silliness and over-the-top (but fairly gore-free) violence. You play as a human who has been saved from potential extinction or enslavement by Kenny, a talking gun
It’s up to you to stop them, strapping on a used bounty hunter suit. Kenny is your first pistol, who offers both the familiar voice of Morty of Rick and Morty and bullets
Knifey is an essential part of the team, necessary not only for its ability to sling you through levels with a whip-like grappling ability but for its ability to stab. Stabbing is a big part of the game the way I play it

High On Life Knife Or Knifey: How To Get [6]

As expected from the Co-creator of Rick and Morty, High on Life features a plethora of chaotic NPC characters. One such character includes the Knifey, who is a Talking knife and can be used to stab your enemies
But how to get or buy this knife? Check out our guide on how to get Knife or Knifey in High on Life.. You can get this talking knife or Knifey by taking on the 9-Torg Bounty in High on Life
You can unlock this bounty by progressing through the game. – You can take on the 9-Torg Bounty through Gene who will send you down to the Slums.

Knifey [7]

Knifey is a sentient knife and melee weapon in the game that used to belong to Gene until he gave him away to the Torg Family. He is later retrieved by the player bounty hunter from being sold
Knifey plays a role in various objectives to complete melee tasks from the Bounty Hunter Forum.. Knifey has a red coloured head with a grip that appears to be wrapped with leather, two large eyeballs (the right one being larger than the the left) and a sharp silver blade
Knifey also enable the players to reach areas normally inaccessible in terms of height, as well as swinging across obstacles.. An Australian speaking knife, Knifey derives pleasure from murder and looks to satisfy his thirst for blood and also foul mouthed.

How to Get Knifey in High on Life [8]

Sci-fi and biopunk elements are making a comeback in High on Life, which was released on 12th December, and players can play on the platforms of Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It’s one of those fun games that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you will have a lot of space to goof around as you talk to your guns and shoot targets as the bounty hunter in the game
Guns are an important aspect of any FPS game, and in High on Life they are even more so, because they will be talking to you. However, you will be able to choose the weapons that you want to use, which is why you should be aware of the weapons in the game
In High on Life, guns have eyes and a mouth at the back, which means that they will be looking at you as you shoot with them. This makes the game quite interesting as you will be able to have the companionship of your guns while you take down enemies

High On Life: How to get the Talking Knife/Knifey? [9]

Justin Roiland’s creation, High on Life, a title developed and published by Squanch Games, draws inspiration from the creator’s other project, Rick and Morty. This is especially true when it comes to the game’s characters
Anyways, this article is about one such character in the game, basically, a Knife named Knifey. Knifey is a chaotic talking knife that can be found and equipped in the game
Now if you are wondering how to get your hands on Knifey, then keep reading this article.. Knifey is one of the most badass characters in the game

High on Life: How to get Gene’s Knife [10]

High on Life is a First-Person Story Mode game in which earth has been attacked by aliens and our player will find a talking gun that will help teleport our player’s house to an Alien City on another planet. They will search for a Bounty Player to defeat the Aliens to save humankind
In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Gene’s Knife in High on Life.. After finding Gene Zaroothian in an Alien City, he will move into our house and give you the Bounty Hunter Suit
He will tell us to kill the local gangster leader named “9-Torg” and find his Knife along the way.. The 9-Torg is a local gangster of a place known as the Slums and we will have to make our way to the Slums to find 9-Torg

How to Get Knife in High on Life [11]

We invite you to discover How to get knife in High on Life, a new task.. It is about a talking knife known by Knifey that we will use to stab our enemies, this is considered as one more character in the game, now to be aware of How to obtain a knife in High on Life, let’s take into account the indications present in this guide to continuation.
This reward, to escape with the knife, we will have this reward available as we progress in the game, we will not lose it, for this confrontation we have to We will do it through Gene, who will send us to the Slums, then it is necessary for us to exploit the slums by eliminating some Ant Goons, it occurs while we are talking with a lady who has lost her son, this elimination objective is presented here, when completing it will follow the objective of talking to the locals, we will be taking a character to find the hiding places of 9-Torg, going through the laundry will be the Ant Goons and we will see a closed door in the laundry before.. Interacting with the door we will see about 4 conversation options that will help us unlock it, being these I am here to wash my clothes, no, I am not the buyer, yes I am the buyer and I am your lover Stevulax back from the dead, regardless the chosen option the door will be unlocked, we will arrive with Knifey lying on the wooden table, we can buy or stab them to get the knife
First-person shooter, metroidvania, action-adventure

Make Your Day [12]

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Knifey Weapon Guide: Upgrades, Mods, and Abilities [13]

★ Gear up with our beginner’s guide for High On Life!. ★ Check out all the guns and weapons in High On Life!
★ Know the minimum requirements to play High on Life!. Knifey is a Melee-type weapon in the game High On Life
Used to tether to ledges and ziplines for traversal.. |It’s Knifey! He’s a talking knife! We don’t know much more about him than that

High On Life’s Narrative Takes A Turn With Spooky High On Knife DLC [14]

Hello again! High On Life has been an incredibly gratifying experience for me and everyone at Squanch Games. It’s been a passion project for all of us, and we couldn’t be happier with how many of you have helped save Earth from the alien cartel
It’s set two years after High On Life ended, and everything is totally cool until Knifey gets a package from home. You can see the new trailer above, just in case you missed it during the Xbox Games Extended Showcase.
Not like, “I may never sleep again,” levels of terror, but definitely on the “My dreams are going to be broken for a while,” end of things. Think body horror, but you start off with a horrible body and it gets even more horrible

High on Life: How to Retrieve Knifey and Defeat 9-Torg [15]

High on Life: How to Retrieve Knifey and Defeat 9-Torg. High on Life, the latest fare into Justin Roiland’s twisted, improv comedy mind is now available
But, in order to pull this off, you’ll need to do a couple of things first, including nabbing a psychopathic, but sentient, knife. Here’s how to find Knifey and Defeat 9-Torg in High on Life.
It can be a little distracting navigating through this world, but just focus on the waypoint and you’ll eventually make it to a gate leading to the slums. Unfortunately, the gate is guarded by a red alien and a blue alien, who ask you to decide which is most attractive

How to Find Every Weapon in High on Life [16]

High on Life came out in December 2022, and it’s a blast. The game is a first-person shooter that is called the “Rick and Morty game” because it is from Mark Justin Roiland, the co-creator of the animated series.
In this guide, we’re going to explain how to find all High on Life weapons because you deserve to experience all of them. Wait, are you new to High on Life and have no idea what you’re doing? We have you covered with our in-depth beginner’s guide.
In order to beat the G3, you’ll need to use the right weapons. Thankfully, there are only five weapons that you need to find, and all of them are relatively easy to unlock.

High on Life – How to Find Gene’s Knife “Knifey” [17]

In High on Life you also have to find the friendly NPCs from there you will get multiple tasks. After the zombies attack on earth you will be teleport to the Blim city where you have to find Gene Zaroothian
When you meet with Gene he will ask you to wear the suit. After wearing the suit you will see multiple errors will pop up on the suit screen
You need to find the license from the shop to activate the suit. He will tell you about a small-town gangster by the name of 9-Torg

High on Knife is a New Paid DLC for Squanch Games’ High on Life [18]

At the Xbox Extended Showcase today, Squanch Games announced High on Knife, a new paid DLC for its 2022 first-person shooter High on Life.. In a new post on Xbox Wire, Squanch Games CEO and studio director Mike Fridley confirmed that the DLC is set two years after the events of the base game and that “everything is totally cool until Knifey gets a package from home
One of them is named Harper, voiced by SNL’s Sarah Sherman, and another confirmed is B.A.L.L., who is “a weird little pinball gun operated by a gaggle of tiny gibberish-speaking freaks” who is voiced by Alex Robbins, the narrative director of High On Life.. High on Life was released last December, a console exclusive for Xbox platforms and a day-one release on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service
One thing the trailer did not specify, however, is whether or not Squanch Games’ co-founder, Justin Roiland, who voiced Kenny in the base game, will reprise his role. Earlier this year, Roiland was charged with domestic violence

High On Life is back and bloodier, with new guns, new voices [19]

Squanch Games’ High On Life made a splash last year as the “biggest single-player game launch on Game Pass ever,” according to Microsoft, so, naturally, we’re getting more High On Life. A new expansion named High On Knife will add a new “fully realized” planetary environment and all-new characters, including two new guns voiced by two funny people.
Knifey, the sentient knife voiced by Michael Cusack in High On Life, will seemingly get more screen time in the DLC, which launches this fall.. High On Knife will include a “hyper-violent new upgrade” for Knifey and “a ton more weird, funny, and surprising stuff,” Mikey Spano, Squanch Games’ chief creative officer, said in a news release.
In High On Knife’s “horror-comedy vibe” setting, players will face a new evil in the form of boss Mux, voiced by Gabourey Sidibe (Precious, Empire).. Missing from the original High On Life, at least in the DLC’s trailer, is the voice of studio co-founder Justin Roiland, who left Squanch earlier this year after his arrest in a domestic violence dispute became publicized

How to get the Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds achievement in High On Life [20]

There are a handful of achievements in High on Life that are just plain cruel and punish the player for not paying attention or taking an opportunity that was given to them in a fraction of a few seconds.. One of these includes the “Don’t Knight The Hand That Feeds” achievement, which shows up for a few seconds at the very start of the game but then becomes unobtainable shortly after if players don’t take their chances, or if they don’t know it exists until later.
If you don’t do these steps during your playthrough you will miss it and will need to start the game again to get the achievement at your next opportunity.. After defeating 9-Torg and rescuing Knifey, you will eventually return to your house and confront Gene, there a small cutscene will play with Knifey who asks you to stab Gene in the gut
If you don’t do this there and then, you will not a second time. If you come back in the future, the option to stab Gene will not exist anymore and you will need to restart the game and get back to the point to finally get the achievement.

High on Life – Knifey (With Blood) AR Pin [21]

Sorry, the content of this store can’t be seen by a younger audience. Get ready for High on Life with our Knifey Bloody Variant Pin
Material: Zinc AlloySize: 2 x 7.3 cmPlating: Black Nickel Free Clutch: 2 Black Rubber. The pin is bigger than I expected, but im super happy with that

How To Obtain Knifey In High On Life
21 How To Obtain Knifey In High On Life With Video


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