14 How To Pick A Perfect Cantaloupe With Video

14 How To Pick A Perfect Cantaloupe With Video

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Precision Nutrition’s Encyclopedia of Food [1]

With its greyish scaly skin, cantaloupes look like zombies of the fruit world. But don’t be deceived, as this fruit bears a vitamin C-rich, sweet and juicy sunset-colored flesh whose deliciousness betrays its homely outer appearance
Due to risk of microbial contamination, it is recommended that caution is taken when preparing and storing your cantaloupe. Most important is to rinse your cantaloupe before slicing, and keeping it refrigerated after slicing
Whether you’ve encountered it unfussy and undressed on a simple fruit platter, or fancied up and draped in prosciutto, cantaloupe is a delicious fruit you will be delighted to put in your mouth.. In terms of outer appearance, with their scaly, greyish skin, cantaloupes are the zombies of the fruit world

3 Simple Tips for Picking Ripe Cantaloupe [2]

If you’re like me, you can use some tips for picking ripe cantaloupe, because it can be hard to tell when it’s ready to eat!. I find it disappointing to be preparing a cantaloupe for dinner, only to take one taste and it is bland and flavorless
Now when I’m either picking fruit at the store or from my own garden, there are three simple tips to remember to help you wisely spend your money and time.. Follow these simple tips to choose a melon that is ripe and ready to eat.
They are not ready! Don’t worry about rough spots that may be on the outside of your cantaloupe. – FEEL – You should be able to feel the edges of the outer skin

How to Pick a Ripe Cantaloupe [3]

There’s truly nothing worse than the feeling when you blissfully cut into your fresh, new cantaloupe from the grocery store only to find that it is overripe and fermented.. Gross, right? Sadly, we’ve been there before (more than once if you count other fruits)
Before we dive in, we have to go over the amazing health benefits of cantaloupe melons, right?. Not only are fresh cantaloupes deliciously sweet and low in calories, but they also aid in hydration, digestion, decreasing inflammation, and more! Adding more rockmelons (the Australian word for cantaloupe) into your diet will help you shower your body in vitamins and minerals.
The color of your ideal ripe cantaloupe should be a beige or sandy-gold. Try your best to stay away from those that are still green

How to Choose a Ripe Cantaloupe [4]

Carolyn Bell, RDN – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Cantaloupe is a seasonal fruit and warm spring weather brings the right time to start purchasing cantaloupe
The melon should be firm but not too soft or too hard. Smell the melon at the stem core (where it was cut) and it should have a good cantaloupe smell; those without smell are under-ripe, and those with unpleasing odor are over-ripe

How To Pick Sweet Cantaloupe [5]

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy a delicious cantaloupe. But how do you pick ripe cantaloupe melons at the farmer’s market or grocery store? Picking the perfectly ripe melon can be tricky, but with this guide, you will know exactly what to look for!
Smell the cantaloupe; it should have a sweet aroma, like honey.. Ripe cantaloupes are typically round or oval and have smooth, hard outer skin
The blossom end of the melon should give slightly to gentle pressure. Cantaloupes are generally round or oval, with a ribbed or netted surface

How to Pick the Perfect Cantaloupe (8 [6]

I’m sure you’ve seen people strolling the produce aisle, thumping, sniffing, squishing their produce all in an attempt to pick the perfect melon. Some of that nonsense is in vain, but some of it will help you on your way to the sweetest, juiciest melon you’ve ever tasted!
The Sweet Spot: Find the blossom end of the cantaloupe and gently press down. There should be some give, but it should not feel squishy
If it is overwhelming, the melon is too ripe and will likely be too soft on the inside. But a hint of that sweet cantaloupe smell lets you know the fruit on the inside is ripe and perfect!

How to pick the perfect watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew [7]

Picking a melon can feel like a giant leap of faith if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Let’s be honest, you can’t pick the perfect watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew just by looking at the fruit
So what’s the secret to selecting the juiciest, most delicious melon?. While there are specifics you should look for with different types of melons, there are two things to know before about all types:
The stem end is where it connects to the plant, and the blossom end is where the flower of the plant grows. The stem end curves in a bit (sort of like a belly button), while the blossom end domes out.

How to Choose the Perfect Cantaloupe [8]

But I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with the fruit.. Why I love them? They are sweet and tasty, my kids love them and they are packed with nutrition
So if your kid doesn’t eat his vitamin-A-rich greens, this is the fruit for you!. What I hate about them? It’s hard to figure out if they are ripe or not
The same is true when you buy one that is mushy and overripe.. So for the past year I’ve been a student of cantaloupe

5 Tips for Picking a Perfect Melon [9]

If picking a ripe melon feels like a completely daunting task, I can assure you that you’re not alone. Sometimes this choice feels more like a leap of faith, where you cross your fingers and hope for the best.
It’s not like selecting berries where you can see green hints of unripeness. And it’s certainly not as easy as selecting a good peach or nectarine, where you can feel for juiciness, and smell the scent of perfect ripeness.
Your first order of business should be to inspect what the melon looks like. Does it have any bruising, soft spots or cracks? Choose a melon that’s not damaged on the outside

Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Cantaloupe Every Time [10]

There’s nothing worse than picking out your favorite fruit at the grocery store, only to come home and find it not at its best with the very first bite.. Unripe, sour, and not what you were expecting is the classic trio to possibly an upset stomach and be a mood killer.
Considering cantaloupes will be in season soon, the perfect time to go cantaloupe picking has never been better.. So if you’ve been craving the honeydew fruit, here’s how to select a flawless one.
Search for cantaloupes that have a yellow and orange combination color instead of dark green, and remember that the strong and sweet smelling stems are already overripe.. Finally, when looking through the cantaloupe stockpile, keep in mind that the ones that feel firm with no soft spots are not ripe and the ones that are firm with a little give are ripe!

How To Pick A Perfectly Ripe Cantaloupe [11]

Summer is officially here and for many, that means an abundance of fresh local fruit is now available! So let’s take advantage of melon season and enjoy fresh, sweet fruit all summer long. Cantaloupes are at their peak flavor generally between June and August but you want to make sure you pick a good one
You want to be on the lookout for any mushy/soft spots which indicate rot. A perfect cantaloupe will be firm but not rock-hard
You’ll also want to pay attention to the weight of the cantaloupe. Finally, give the melon a tap and listen to the sound it makes

How to Pick the Perfect Cantaloupe in Aug 2023 [12]

If you’re a big fan of those sweet and juicy summer treats known as cantaloupe, you may need a little help when it comes to picking out the perfect one.. Choosing the perfect cantaloupe means you can enjoy this delicious fruit at its best instead of when it is too ripe and mushy, or not quite ripe and tough.
Love cucumbers?: How to Pick Out the Perfect Cucumber. As if the pure deliciousness of cantaloupe isn’t enough reason to love this little melon, there are a few more reasons to include cantaloupe in your diet
If you’re growing your own cantaloupe, you can know its ready when it falls off the vine. You should be able to turn the melon and if it’s ready to be picked, it will easily separate from the vine.

How to pick a good cantaloupe and other tried and tested tips! [13]

Nothing, I repeat, nothing can beat the juiciness and sweetness of ripe cantaloupe!. I love nibbling into this late summer fruit and relishing in its tenderness and distinctive sweetness
Some of my favorite ways to use cantaloupe are to wrap it in buttery and salty prosciutto, prepare fresh fruit and veggie salads and salsas with it, and make the ever-delectable chilled cantaloupe soup!. However, regardless of my intense love for this fruit, I would often end up picking an unripe melon.
All of that changed when I finally learned how to recognize and pick out a ripe cantaloupe!. Sniffing and touching a cantaloupe are the best ways to tell if it’s ripe or not

How do I pick the perfect cantaloupe? [14]

A lot has changed in the cantaloupe world! Plant breeders are constantly working to improve cantaloupe varieties to give you the best eating experience possible. For the past few years, the cantaloupe industry has been working to develop new varieties that have longer shelf life, which helps reduce food waste, while also preserving that same great cantaloupe flavor we all know and love!
Here’s what you need to know about selecting cantaloupe:. While a cream color is always a good indicator of a mature melon, new varieties may often have a somewhat green hue
If the ‘blossom end’ (the end opposite the stem) is beginning to show a bit of cracking, this is a very good indicator of ripeness. Another sign of ripeness, this blossom end will be somewhat soft to the touch, meaning it gives slightly when pressed gently with the fingers.

How To Pick A Perfect Cantaloupe
14 How To Pick A Perfect Cantaloupe With Video


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