14 How To Open Chest In Sanctuary Tutorial

14 How To Open Chest In Sanctuary Tutorial

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Golden Chest [1]

The Golden Chest is a unique chest that can only be opened by using a Golden Key.. |Borderlands GOTY Enhanced||Fyrestone and New Haven|
New Tales From The Borderlands Review – Good Stories. – When the golden chest is opened, it will spawn purple weapons, class mods, shields and grenade mods
After all of the items are collected, the chest will close. A player with more Golden Keys available can open the chest again for more loot.

How do I open the Dahl chest in Sanctuary? [2]

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In the house with Tannis and the Safe in Sanctuary (the Crimson Raider hideout) there’s a red Dahl branded chest behind a gate. There’s a green-lit switch to the left of the door but pulling it doesn’t work
43.8k 93 93 gold badges 240 240 silver badges 388 388 bronze badges. You will gain access to the room after completing the main storyline quest

Borderlands 2 ‘Golden Key’ unlocks this chest in Sanctuary [3]

Borderlands 2 through a select retailer – you’ll find yourself burdened by one golden key come launch day. This golden key unlocks a special treasure chest in the city of Sanctuary.
So the potency of the loot within is dependent on the level of your character when you open it – and while we know how hard it is to not open a chest full of loot in a game where that is one of the primary goals, you may want to hold off as long as you can on this golden chest.. Borderlands 2 ‘Golden Key’ unlocks this chest in Sanctuary
Borderlands 2 ‘Golden Key’ unlocks this chest in Sanctuary

Key for chest in Sanctuary :: Borderlands 2 General Discussions [4]

简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) 日本語 (Japanese) 한국어 (Korean) ไทย (Thai) Български (Bulgarian) Čeština (Czech) Dansk (Danish) Deutsch (German) Español – España (Spanish – Spain) Español – Latinoamérica (Spanish – Latin America) Ελληνικά (Greek) Français (French) Italiano (Italian) Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) Magyar (Hungarian) Nederlands (Dutch) Norsk (Norwegian) Polski (Polish) Português (Portuguese – Portugal) Português – Brasil (Portuguese – Brazil) Română (Romanian) Русский (Russian) Suomi (Finnish) Svenska (Swedish) Türkçe (Turkish) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) Українська (Ukrainian) Report a translation problem. its one of the best side with all shift codes http://orcz.com/Borderlands_2:_Golden_Key (scroll down)
There’s also a pinned topic in this discussion forum with SHiFT codes: http://steamcommunity.com/app/49520/discussions/0/828934724163400631/. As a friend is able to get 15 keys, each time he logs in and out
As to why your friend gets 15 keys every time he logs in and out on his playstation is beyond me. The app is called Borderlands 2 Shift codes 🙂 i have it on my s4 and it tells you as soon as there is a new key and when youve entered it …it will disapear from the list so you know wich ones you already entered….

Borderlands 3: How to Get Golden Keys [5]

Golden Keys allow you to open the Golden Chest on Sanctuary. To get Golden Keys you’re going to have to do one of two things
You can enter the codes above on the Shift Website or through the game’s Social Menu at the home screen. The code above will give you three golden keys which can be used in the gold chest on Sanctuary
To get your gold key rewards you’ll actually need to go into the in-game mail system Pause the game, go into the Social Menu, and then tab over to the mail icon. In this mailbox you will find a reward that you need to accept to get your keys

Golden Key [6]

The Golden Key is an item which unlocks the Golden Chests in Sanctuary or Concordia. These chests contain weapons of purple or magenta rarity, and relics may be blue or purple
Golden Keys are single use, impossible to trade, and are not dropped as part of loot in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.. New Tales From The Borderlands Review – Good Stories
All characters controlled by that profile will share a common pool of Golden Keys.. – The Mechromancer Pack gives new profiles a small supply of Golden Keys when they are created

Golden Chest [7]

The Golden Chest is a unique chest that can only be opened by using a Golden Key.. |Borderlands GOTY Enhanced||Fyrestone and New Haven|
New Tales From The Borderlands Review – Good Stories. – When the golden chest is opened, it will spawn purple weapons, class mods, shields and grenade mods
After all of the items are collected, the chest will close. A player with more Golden Keys available can open the chest again for more loot.

Borderlands 2: How to Open the Chest in Sanctuary – GameTipCenter [8]

So there’s this pretty golden chest near the spawn point in Borderlands 2 on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.. You can tell it’s got something great in it, but you can’t open it can you? No.
That my friends is called the golden chest, which can only be opened with a golden key.. Golden keys can only be obtained either from having pre-ordered the game, or from Gearbox promotions.
Currently you can get a free golden key from signing up for the Shift program in the Extras menu. All you really have to do is give them your email address and sign up for them to be able to send you offers and such

Borderlands 2 Guide [9]

Sanctuary is the hub town of Borderlands 2 that you’ll return to often to fulfill your many needs and desires like receiving quests, getting new guns, and stocking up on ammo.. Those who pre-ordered the game received a Golden Key to unlock a special loot chest in Sanctuary
Another way to get Golden Keys is to link Borderlands 2 and a Gearbox Shift account. This can be done via Main Menu -> Extras -> Shift Code
This also the only known location of the rare loot-giver, Michael Mamaril.

Where do I get Borderlands 2 keys to open the loot chest in Sanctuary? [10]

also many shift codes gives you skins or heads and even some classmods not only golden keys.. for playing with a new character those are good to use but later in the game you can find much more powerful weapons ingame than you get from the chest, so it isn’t the best source for weapons.
45,860 Comments – Last post 45 minutes ago by MeguminShiro. 1,049 Comments – Last post 1 hour ago by Theanyelpes
23 Comments – Last post 41 minutes ago by insanity666. I just used 3 or 4 to unlock the chest in Sanctuary and the weapons I got were insane for my level 25 Zero.

Sanctuary 3 Guide – Rooms, Shops & Golden Chest [11]

Check out this Borderlands 3 space ship guide & features on your headquarters – Sanctuary 3. Including info & locations of the Golden Chest, fast travel points, rooms, shops, and more!!!Check Out Beginner’s Guide & Tips!
You can also use the Hyperspace Terminal here to gain access or warp to Pandora, Promethea, and the other planets.. In the Infirmary, you’ll spot Patricia Tannis, the crew’s resident Artifact connoisseur
You can also find Hammerlock’s Trophy Room in the Upper Level of Sanctuary 3. His Trophy Room will grow its collection each time you complete a Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt mission.

Every Borderlands 3 Shift Code you need to unlock the Golden Chest on Sanctuary 3 [12]

Borderlands 3 Shift codes get you great loot, whether that’s opening Golden Chests, or grabbing some cosmetics – using Shift codes can get you keys and rewards you wouldn’t have otherwise and it’s all for free. Obviously that’s a thing you want so let’s take a look at what’s going on.
New ones can drop without warning and getting as many Borderlands 3 Shift codes as you can is the best way to get some great loot fast.. Ranking the best Borderlands games, from Common to Legendary
In there you’ll be able to input the code and, if it’s still valid, Golden Keys will be sent to your Vault Hunter’s mailbox to be collected. These Keys can then be used to unlock a Golden Chest to reveal the shiny loot inside

Sanctuary Treasure Chest [13]

Check the treasure room and you should see a golden key by the ceiling. The only way to reach it is by earning at least 5,000,000 gold
Once the treasure room is cleared out, you’ll find a chest by the wall. Maxed out everything, 40 million, 1 white wife,1 black wife, 3 kids, 1 std, and almost all property in all lands including driftwood.
every time I unlock it I get the stupid pistol does anyone have statistics on the weapons?. Or u could just set ur controller up so the left or right stick is sideways so u don’t disconnect an take a nap or something

Where to use Golden Keys in Borderlands 3 [14]

Find out where to use your Golden Keys in Borderlands 3.. If you’ve been racking up on Shift Codes and unlocking new Golden Keys, then you’re probably diving into Borderlands 3 wondering where exactly you use those things
This guide will tell you everything you need to know about where to use your Golden Keys and how to find the Golden Chest. It should go without saying, but there are some early spoilers for Borderlands 3 below, so be warned.
To find the Golden Chest and start making use of your Golden Keys, you’re going to need to first play through the Borderlands 3 campaign until you leave Pandora behind and make your way up into the stars.. After you gain access to Sanctuary III—your massive moving starship—you’ll be able to unlock the Golden Chest onboard as well as make use of special features like the Lost Loot Machine and even the bank in your private quarters

How To Open Chest In Sanctuary
14 How To Open Chest In Sanctuary Tutorial


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