14 How To Measure For Curtain Rods Tutorial

14 How To Measure For Curtain Rods Tutorial

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Measure for Drapery Rods, Curtain Rods [1]

At this time we do not offer any draperies or drapery hardware. However, we have many fabrics used in draperies in our Roman Shades.
a 60” length curtain rod and the overall finished width would. Keep in mind when measuring that the overall width will not interfere with any objects in the room which you are mounting the drapery hardware.
– Measure the width of the window you are going to cover.. – Rod width does not include the width of the finials on each end

How To Measure For Curtain Rods [2]

Measuring for curtain rods sizes is simple if you keep the following guidelines in mind.. Some guidelines are fairly straightforward such as:
Don’t mix and match otherwise you will end up with an uneven look. If it is required to mix and match measurements, please give us a call or email us so we can walk through it together and figure out the best solution!
– Record all measurements to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. – Always double, triple check your measurements! You don’t want to end up in the same position as this little fella…

How to Measure for Curtain Rods: 4 Easy Steps [3]

What size curtain rod do you need? In this post, we’ll show you how to measure for curtain rods properly and accurately.. To measure for curtain rods and determine curtain rod size, you’ll need to consider window size and style preferences, like how far you want the rods and curtains to reach.
By following our comprehensive curtain rod lengths guide, you’ll gain the expertise to determine what curtain rod size you need.. The most standard sizes you’ll find in stores are 28-48 inches, 48-84 inches, 66-120 inches or 120-170 inches.
If you’re looking for a stylish, versatile and affordable option, Kwik-Hang’s curtain rods are a perfect choice.. Here’s how to measure for curtain rods in four easy steps.

How to Measure for Curtain Rods [4]

When hanging drapery, making sure it’s in the right place can make a huge difference in how your room looks and feels. For the best widow treatment spots, read on to find out how to measure for curtain rods.
At the Center of Your Window: Mostly seen in kitchens, valances pair with rods to sit in the middle of your window. These types of treatments require two curtain rods: one for the valance and one for the curtains.
For curtains hung in door ways, measure in between the door’s frame.. To determine the best width of your mounted curtain rod, you’ll need to measure the width of your window including the frame or trim

Learn how to Measure for Curtain Tracks and Poles [5]

Tools you’ll need to measure for your curtain track or pole. We have a range of bay poles ideal for 3 and 5 sided bays, and measuring for them uses the same steps above with just one difference
To make things clearer to follow, we have included a helpful diagram that shows each step you need to follow.. – Decide whether you want your bay pole to fit inside or outside the recess and if you’d prefer it on the ceiling or wall.
– Add all the measurements together, plus an additional 40cm to allow for curtain gathering, brackets and finials.. – If you want to hang your curtains outside the bay recess, you can add reverse-bending corner joints and install extra brackets (both sold separately)

How to Measure your Window for Curtain Poles [6]

– Measure in centimeters as all the lengths on our website are in cm.. – Get a 2nd pair of hands! Getting help when measuring your window, especially larger ones, will make the task easier and more accurate.
– Add an additional 20cm or more to the width of your window, to allow the poles to pass onto the wall past the window.. – Any curtain pole lengths on our website do not include the finial length
This will give you the pole length that you need to start shopping for your new pole.. Step 1 – Measure the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Measuring for Poles [7]

All measurements should be provided in cm (unless the website gives you the option to provide the measurements in mm on inches).. Always use a metal rule when taking the measurements.
If measuring a poles, do not include the finials (decorative ends) in your measurements.. Measure the recess width of the window and then add at least another 15cm for each side
Measure the recess width of the window and then add at least another 15cm for each side. The suggested rail length is the recess width plus 30cm.

A Guide to Curtain Measuring and Installation — TMS Menagerie [8]

When preparing for window treatments, properly measuring your space is critical. In this guide, we go over what tools you’ll need and provide step-by-step instructions on how to correctly measure.
– Level (to make sure everything is lined up properly). – Drill with either a 3/32-inch bit (for wall studs) or a ¼-inch bit (for drywall)
Now that you have your tools available, it’s time to measure and install your drapery rod. We recommend that you fully read through these instructions before starting

How to Measure for a Curtain Rod [9]

The most common mistake that people make when measuring for off-the-shelf drapery is the rod itself. I see this mistake so often that I decided to write a post so that at least all my readers will be in the know.
First, you need to know that your drapery rod should generally be 10 – 15 inches longer on each side of the window to allow for the fabric to hang on each side.. In the two photos below, it appears as if the drapery rod is not much longer than the window (obviously intentional in this case, as a designer decorated these rooms)
So, the proper way to measure for your curtain rod is to have the ‘stack’ of excess drapery hanging beside the window, not on top of it. This means your curtain rod measurements should extend past the width of your window.

How to Measure for Curtains [10]

Use code HTM at checkout for $10 off your order of $49 or more! Limit one use per customer. If you’re wondering “how do I measure for curtains”, it’s easy- just follow our simple steps!
The width of rod pocket or grommet top curtains is stated as the flat-out width. You would never use the curtain flat out, so keep in mind that a 60″ wide panel will not look good if you try to cover a 60″ window with it
Certain rod pocket curtains are used “flat out”, or close to it, and we will state that in the product description. On most curtains & window treatments, it takes two to three times more material/curtain to provide the proper fullness in appearance when installed/hanging on your rod than the actual window width.

Curtain Rod Guide | How to Measure & Install | Umbra Modern Curtain Rods [11]

Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser is now available with a wall mounting bracket. Keeping surfaces clear, and ideal for use in entryways, or bathrooms
Perfect for organizing your counter space, and removable for easy cleaning.. Take the guesswork out of choosing the right curtain rod for your space
Once you’ve got your rod picked out, watch our step-by-step instructional videos to help make installation a snap. With the right tools at your disposal, installing your curtain rods is an easy afternoon task you can tackle on your own.

How to measure windows for return rods / French rods [12]

This is a simple task, and the rules are not set in stone. If they were, no two designers would completely agree on them anyways
How to measure windows for Return Rods, or French curtain rods, Simple version:. Return rods have a 90 degree return back to the wall
Keep in mind that it does look nice to have your curtains loosely gathered and not bunched up tight when drawn so opt for a bit longer rod rather than crowding the window with the drapes. Return rods are measured just like straight rods, the overall length on your wall

How To Measure Curtain Rods? [13]

Curtain rods are necessary for correctly hanging curtains and are one of the most useful and efficient curtain accessories for enhancing the appearance of your curtains. You’ll need to consider window size and stylistic choices, such as how far you want the rods and curtains to reach while measuring for curtain rods and determining curtain rod size.
Curtain rods are at the top of the list of most important curtain accessories. Choosing, repairing, and installing this curtain hardware can be a challenge
You can get exceptional services from selecblinds.ae, to get your curtain rods properly measured & further installed.. If done incorrectly, it will enhance the overall appearance of your curtains

Curtain Rod Measurements [14]

Drapery Curtain Rods sells curtain poles in 4 different lengths:. * The 10 ft pole is only available in the Artistic Collection, and consists of two five-foot poles, sold as a pair.
If you require an individual pole length longer than 8 feet please visit the Long Curtain Rods page for more information.. Please take a few moments to analyze the image below.
The length of the pole should be the same length as the area that you want to cover with your drapes. Ideally you want to make sure that the curtain pole is long enough, so that when you hang your drapes they cover the light coming from the sides of the window.

How To Measure For Curtain Rods
14 How To Measure For Curtain Rods Tutorial


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