12 How To Pirate A Porch In Bitlife Tutorial

12 How To Pirate A Porch In Bitlife Tutorial

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How to Pirate Porches in Bitlife [1]

In the virtual realm of BitLife, players are presented with a unique opportunity to explore various paths, both virtuous and nefarious, to shape the notoriety of their character from a young age. Among the array of choices available, one controversial option stands out: how to pirate porches
In this article, we provide information on how to Pirate Porches in Bitlife.. In order to Pirate Porch, you will have to go to the main menu of bitlife and click the activities button which can be found at the bottom
After that click on porch pirate option and you will be given some houses to choose from. Now that you know how to pirate porches you must also know that you can do it through only two challenges

How to Pirate Porches in Bitlife [2]

In order to complete both the live challenge of the week, as well as those available in the Challenge Vault in Bitlife, players must perform a wide array of actions, which can go from simply writing a book to committing crimes, like pirating porches. You can have your character pirate porches in Bitlife by heading to Activities and then selecting the Crime tab
After selecting the action, you will be able to make your character commit the crime by simply selecting which house you wish them to target.. Your character will be able to start committing the crime on Bitlife from age 9
– Open the Activities menu and head to the Crime tab.. Currently, both the Change of Heart and the Mischief Managed challenges will task players with pirating porches among their set actions

How to Pirate Porches in Bitlife: Tips and Cheats [3]

Bitlife is one of the most popular mobile simulators, and this game provides its players with different challenges that your characters need to complete during their lifetime. The latest challenge is called Mischief Managed and there are lots of different tasks that you have to complete
Pirating porches in Bitlife is a special activity that you need to do if you want to complete the Mischief Managed challenge. There are five tasks that you have to complete in this challenge, and some players don’t understand how to do some of these
– Pirate at least 10 porches before your character achieved the age of 12. In order to complete the Mischief Managed challenge in Bitlife, you need to pirate at least 10 porches

How to become a porch pirate in BitLife [4]

One of the best ways to improve the notoriety of your character from a young age in BitLife is to engage in petty crimes. One such criminal activity any young adult or child can commit since middle school in BitLife is stealing packages from your neighbors/ strangers or becoming a porch pirate
To porch pirate in BitLife, you must turn seven and should be able to access the Crimes section from the Activities tab.. Apart from finishing weekly challenges like the Change of the Heart, people mainly steal packages to increase their status as young thugs or crooks to make themselves look eligible to join Mafia gangs in the future
Related: How to murder your supervisor in a drive-by in BitLife. As mentioned earlier, to become a porch pirate in BitLife, follow the given steps.

How to become a porch pirate in BitLife [5]

That’s another week of life down the drain, and that means it’s time to relax and get your gaming on. For this new week, there’s another BitLife challenge as well
Weekly challenges often involve weird tasks and require quite a bit of game knowledge to get done. That’s where these guides come in, and where we are going to help you out
The first step you’ll likely want to do this week is to start stealing things, yes really. This week, you need to become a porch pirate in BitLife in order to prove your criminal worth

BitLife: Life Simulator Hints & Secrets for iPhone [6]

How to Pirate Porches for BitLife: Life SimulatorHome /. If you desire to complete the Mischief Managed challenge, pirating patios in the game is a special activity that you require to do
Here is the list of all jobs that you require to complete in the Mischief Challenge in the game:. – Pirate at least 10 porches before your character achieved the age of 12
In order to complete the Mischief Managed challenge in the game, you require to pirate a minimum of 10 patios. It is an easy activity and if you wish to do it, you just require to open the Activities menu

BitLife Guide – How to Become a Porch Pirate in BitLife [7]

Being a porch pirate in BitLife includes some violence and unlawful activity. Please remember that this is a game and that such behavior is inappropriate in real life
However, Petty crime is one of the best methods to raise your character’s reputation in BitLife from a young age. Since middle school, one such criminal behavior that any young adult or child can carry out in BitLife is parcel theft from neighbors or random people and becoming a porch pirate.
These are some basic and accessible requirements to be eligible for Porch Pirate in BitLife. Complete Fill the Requirements and enjoy the game as a Porch Pirate!

BitLife Mischief Managed Challenge Guide [8]

For this week’s BitLife Challenge, it’s time to live life on the wild side. You will be getting into a bunch of mischief around town at a young age while making sure not to get caught! In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete all the Mischief Managed challenge objectives in BitLife, including how to pirate porches, engage in mischief, and break out of juvie.
First, we recommend starting a completely fresh life. Stats don’t matter all that much, but it will help if you have the crime special talent to avoid getting caught
Age up to five years old, and you can start getting into a bit of mischief. You can go into your school tab when you are age five and go to the class option

How to Complete the Change of Heart Challenge in BitLife [9]

This weekend’s BitLife challenge starts on July 1! For all my fellow Canadians, this is a fun sight to see, as we can spend the holiday escaping prison in the game and getting up to other wacky shenanigans. If you are curious, continue reading to learn how to complete the Change of Heart Challenge in BitLife.
Since four of these five tasks require you to go to jail and escape, make sure this is at the top of your priority list early on! To increase your odds of successfully pirating porches, try to create a character with the criminal special talent.. BitLife characters can start porch pirating once they turn eight by entering Activities > Crime > Porch Pirate
Make sure you pirate as many porches as possible before age 16 to finish the first task.. Since I had a character with the crime special talent, I completed this in one year

How to complete the Mischief Managed Challenge in BitLife [10]

How to complete the Mischief Managed Challenge in BitLife. You can get into a lot of trouble in BitLife, but you’ll need to go out of your way to cause it
In the Mischief Managed Challenge, you’ll have to put your trouble-making skills to the test. This guide covers how to complete the Mischief Managed Challenge in BitLife.
The first task has you insulting your school principal or the headmaster. When you go to the School tab under occupation, you can find which character is your principal and choose to insult them

How to Complete the BitLife Change of Heart Challenge [11]

The Change of Heart Challenge in BitLife presents players with a series of tasks to accomplish, and once you know how to achieve each objective, it becomes a manageable feat. Whether you’re a seasoned BitLife player or new to the game, follow the steps below to conquer this challenge.
The Change of Heart Challenge consists of five primary objectives that players need to accomplish:. – Pirate more than five porches before the age of 16.
– Once your character turns eight, access the Activities menu and navigate to Crime > Porch Pirate.. – Engage in porch pirating, aiming to pilfer at least five porches before reaching the age of 16.

Comment devenir un pirate de porche dans BitLife [12]

L’un des meilleurs moyens d’améliorer la notoriété de votre personnage dès son plus jeune âge dans BitLife est de se livrer à des délits mineurs. Une de ces activités criminelles que tout jeune adulte ou enfant peut commettre depuis le collège de BitLife est de voler des colis à vos voisins/inconnus ou de devenir un pirate de porche
Pour pirater le porche dans BitLife, vous devez avoir sept ans et devriez pouvoir accéder à la section Crimes à partir de l’onglet Activités.. Quels sont les avantages de devenir un Porch Pirate dans BitLife ?
Donc, si vous voulez poursuivre une carrière négative comme devenir un gangster ou un chef de la mafia, commencez comme pirate de porche avant de plonger dans un cambriolage à plein temps ou dans Grand Theft Auto.. En relation: Comment assassiner votre superviseur dans un drive-by dans BitLife

How To Pirate A Porch In Bitlife
12 How To Pirate A Porch In Bitlife Tutorial


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