10 How To Own A Haunted Victorian House In Bitlife Advanced Guides

10 How To Own A Haunted Victorian House In Bitlife Advanced Guides

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How to own a haunted Victorian house in BitLife [1]

The second last objective of the BitLife Woeful Wednesday challenge is to own a haunted Victorian house in the game. To do this, you must visit the Real-Estate broker section in the Shopping tab and look for a haunted Victorian house
The prescribed haunted Victorian house also falls in the same range, only costing 200K.. Since you are planning to buy the house as a part of the Woeful Wednesday challenge, you need to save money from your primary job of working as a Mortician
So, instead of toiling hard, you can work in other high-paying jobs like being a Stockbroker, Business Analyst, or a Cop that also requires a university degree similar to the Mortician. Work in the suggested posts for a few years, earn some big bucks quickly and switch to the Mortician job.

How to Own a Haunted Victorian House in BitLife [2]

In BitLife, you can own all kinds of houses, from tiny homes to mansions. There are also plenty in between, like modest bungalows or even farms
Whether you are trying to finish the Dark Knight challenge or the Woeful Wednesday one, buying a haunted Victorian home may be on your to-do list for the day. If you would like to learn more, continue reading to discover how to own a haunted Victorian house in BitLife.
Owning a haunted Victorian house is similar to buying any other home. However, the main difference is that you will have to rely on luck to find this exact property type, let alone a haunted version.

How to get a Haunted House or Mansion in BitLife [3]

Choosing the location for you to live is essential and a fun option in BitLife. However, to complete many of the challenges in the game, you need to work towards obtaining a haunted house
In this guide, we’ll cover what you need to do to own a haunted house or mansion in BitLife.. You first need to wait until you reach an age where your character can buy a house, which is 18
Before reaching this point, we recommend working on your career path by increasing your Smarts and Looks stat, increasing the chances of unlocking notable careers, such as Acting or becoming a Doctor.. Related: How to complete The Phantom Flipper Challenge in BitLife

BitLife: How to Own a Haunted Property [4]

Paranormal activity is rising this month in BitLife. The newest weekend challenge, the Paranormal Challenge, tasks players with owning five or more haunted properties and interacting with the spirits within them
To buy and own a haunted property, navigate to the Activities tab and scroll down until you find the shopping category. Select any Real Estate Broker, and scroll through the lists until you find a haunted house
Furthermore, the type of property that becomes haunted is also random. You may check one year and see a haunted mansion, then check the next year and find a haunted bungalow

BitLife Guide: 100-year old Haunted House in BitLife [5]

In this tutorial, we will show you how to get a 100-year-old haunted house in BitLife. To be fair the game comes with so many goodies that it is quite an effort taking task keeping an account of all of them
And being blessed with new features makes it all the more interesting. For example, you could don the cap of a dentist, start farming, or even be a social media star.
Likewise, the game also allows you to invest in real estate and purchase houses. And it is the latter that seems to intrigue a lot of users

How to own a haunted royal estate in BitLife [6]

This week, the Red Queen Challenge in BitLife, is one of the stranger ones we’ve run into. You need to become royalty, and then do a bunch of crazy things
This new challenge has a ton of steps, and there’s a lot of RNG involved.. The process to own a haunted royal estate is very complicated
When you first become royalty, buy up as much property as you can afford. The game appears to roll on each house you own as an estate for a chance to be haunted

How to complete the Dark Knight Challenge in BitLife [7]

This week BitLife challenge tasks you to live your life as the Dark Knight if you fulfill the criteria. Follow this guide to make your life as a Dark Knight a bit easy:
Start a new life as a male character born and brought up in New York to get the first challenge off the list. For the second step, you must work your way up the corporate ladder to claim the position of CEO
Be the best employee possible and continue rising through the ranks. Gradually you will find yourself as the CEO of the company.

how to get a haunted mansion on bitlife|TikTok Search [8]

Discover videos related to how to get a haunted mansion on bitlife on TikTok.. 👻 Your family is about to be extended and blended with this one, Bitizens! #BitLife #BitLifeChallenge
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Ghosts [9]

As of the October 28 – 29 2019 update, Ghosts have been added into the game. The number of Ghosts that can appear in the home depends on how haunted it is
They can be ghosts, poltergeists, demons, specters, banshees, or phantoms. They can be young or old, smiling or frowning; could be given just a first name, a first and last name, or be named after someone in history, or could be the name of past lives your character has played as
They can be exorcised or summoned, which may or may not succeed. If all spirits are exorcised from a haunted house, it will turn into a regular house

What Is A Mansion In Bitlife [10]

Web in this guide, we’ll cover what you need to do to own a haunted house or mansion in bitlife.. Web the best thing to earn a lot of money in bitlife is to do freelance gigs because it can get you $15 per hour
How to get a haunted house or mansion you first need to wait. These large, expensive houses are a good way to show how much wealth your character has
Web one of the more prestigious items you can grab is a mansion. Web in this guide, we’ll cover what you need to do to own a haunted house or mansion in bitlife

How To Own A Haunted Victorian House In Bitlife
10 How To Own A Haunted Victorian House In Bitlife Advanced Guides


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